Tank, The Cirque Lodge Dog

Our Dog 'Tank', the Cirque Lodge Dog

Dave Beck, of the Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Center

Dave Beck, Experiential Director of the Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Center shares with you experiences and stories about his dog, Tank. Tank played a role in the Cirque Lodge program for many residents. Dave shares a life sketch about these experiences and how this loyal dog impacted the lives of others. He was often called "The Cirque Lodge Dog" for the many hours he spent at our drug rehab interacting with residents, staff and the horses. Sadly, Cirque Lodge recently had to say good-bye to Tank as he passed away from the complications of old age.

Rehab and Recovery Experiences

Tank, the Cirque Lodge Dog was the personal dog and member of the family of Dave Beck our Experiential Director. The Cirque Experiential program is one of the areas where our alcohol treatment and drug rehab center sets itself apart from other addiction facilities. These hands-on engaging activities teach individuals different skills and means to coping with addiction. Tank had the chance to play a part in some of these experiences with past residents.

Part of the Cirque Lodge experience is the life lessons gained from the time spent here in the mountains. As Dave shares the story of Tank, he also discusses a number of the life lessons he learned from the devotion and experiences he had with his beloved pet. He also encourages others to take to heart the lessons they learn from his stories and experiences with Tank.