Local News Features the Drug Rehab at Cirque Lodge

Gary Fisher on Local News Interview

May 2, 2008

The director of operations for the Cirque Lodge drug rehab program was recently featured on a local Alabama morning news program. Gary Fisher conducted an interview with the news team on Good Morning Alabama on Fox 6 News. Mr. Fisher was in town for a speaking engagement with the local rotary, and took time out to conduct an interview regarding Cirque Lodge's famed treatment program.

During the interview a number of things were discussed. The first point was a discussion about the treatment center itself and the privacy that it is known for. An emphasis was placed on the treatment facility's stance on privacy. The interviewer brought up names of famous clients known to have been treated at the Cirque program. However, because of the facility's stance on privacy, these individuals were not personally discussed. A point was made that this attention to privacy is provided to every client of the treatment center, and not just the famous ones.

Mr. Fisher then talked about the unique location of the Cirque Lodge facility. He pointed out that this location is one of the reasons why the drug rehab facility is so highly sought. He emphasized the healing that comes from being on the mountain, and that the location of the treatment center is like none other in the world.

The discussion then turned to the rising concern regarding prescription drug abuse in this country. Mr. Fisher than pointed out the statistics from within his own drug rehab facility. He pointed out that the numbers at Cirque Lodge have reflected those of the national polls, and a rise and increase of prescription drug addiction cases. It was then discussed about how the trust in doctors is such that we trust their judgment when it comes to prescriptions. The problem is, when then pain goes away do we still continue to take the drugs because we are addicted.

The interview continued to address sobriety and the dangers of trying just once. Gary Fisher, of Cirque Lodge, likened addiction to that of being on a diet. He pointed out that dieters often times have the impulse of just having one dessert. Shortly after that, the craving for sugar continues and more is needed. Addiction can be thought of on those same lines. The cravings of addiction must continually be managed after rehab for a successful recovery.