Rehab Treatment At Cirque Lodge

Cirque Lodge is a private and exclusive addiction treatment center in the heart of the Rocky Mountains. We offer an enriching rehabilitation experience that aims to heal your entire person. Our team of medical professionals provides a combination of evidence-based treatment approaches adapted to suit your personal needs. Our exceptional treatment facilities and 24-hour care offer safety and comfort throughout your stay. The serenity of the mountains provides space for calm reflection and inspiration on your journey towards life-long recovery. Approaches adapted to suit your personal needs. Our exceptional treatment facilities and 24-hour care offer safety and comfort throughout your stay. The serenity of the mountains provides space for calm reflection and inspiration on your journey towards life-long recovery.

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Our Philosophy

“Treatment needs to be effective, attractive, active, and enlightened, but most importantly it needs to be connected and continued with the community at large, long after they leave our program.”

Richard Losee

Founder, Cirque Lodge

Rehabilitation should be an enriching experience that creates long-lasting change. Recovery is a process of personal growth and self-discovery where you learn and develop the skills to live a joyous and healthy life.

Cirque Lodge focuses on the holistic healing of the mind, body, and soul. The world-renowned 12-step method for spiritual development and maintaining abstinence underpins our rehab program. You learn and strengthen skills in behavioral therapy sessions and through exciting practical activities in the breathtaking scenery surrounding the center. We dedicate our treatment to your family as well as yourself.

Cirque Lodge has a recovery orientated philosophy. Our rehabilitation experience is the start of a journey to lifelong recovery. Our care continues long after you leave the center, with an individualized aftercare plan connecting you to support networks in your local area. You can join our alumni program to keep gaining strength from the community here.

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  • Brittany Harris opt

    Brittany Harris

    Executive Director
    Brittany began working at Cirque Lodge in 1999 and by 2008 was working as a member of the management team, overseeing different aspects of the functional operations side of our facilities. Over the next 12 years she continued in this capacity, working
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  • Nic Losee opt

    Nic Losee

    Operations Director
    Nic began working at Cirque Lodge in 2002 as an executive assistant. During his tenure Nic has worked with nearly every department in the organization. He currently manages the day to day functional aspects of our operation, providing administrative
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  • beverly roesch

    Beverly Roesch, LCSW

    Clinical Director & Therapist
    Bev is originally from New York City where she studied at the State University of New York at New Paltz and Stony Brook. She relocated to Utah and completed her graduate work at the University of Utah earning her Master of Social Work. Bev has worked
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At Cirque Lodge, we provide the highest level of care, so you can focus on your recovery. Our professional medical team, therapists, and other staff are available 24-hours a day to cater to your needs. We are by your side to guide you through difficult times at any time of day or night.

Medical experts design and lead your individualized treatment program. We provide you with a personal counselor who stays with you throughout the program and makes any changes or improvements required as you progress.

Our staff are non-judgemental, and they treat all clients with compassion and respect. Many of our team members are themselves in recovery and have a deep and meaningful understanding of your experience. We are fully committed to you and your recovery.

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Rehab Treatment At Cirque Lodge

The most effective drug and alcohol addiction treatments provide an individualized program that caters to the needs of the entire person.

At Cirque Lodge, we are committed to offering the most effective treatment for you. Our expert staff draws upon extensive scientific research and personal experience to provide the most advanced and up-to-date inpatient treatment experience.

Our program combines behavioral therapies, experiential therapy, and support groups tailored to suit your specific needs. We provide a holistic healing experience that helps you grow as a person, heal relationships with others, and reconnect with your love of life. We lay the foundations for long-term recovery and a life free from addiction.

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Our rehab programs

Our rehab programs follow the World Health Organization (WHO) International Standards for the Treatment of Drug Use Disorders, and our treatment options include:

Dual Diagnosis

Many people who struggle with an addiction also have a co-occurring disorder or another underlying mental health condition. Co-occurring disorders are often the driving force behind addiction. If untreated, they can cause addictive behaviors to re-emerge, even after long periods of sobriety.

Cirque Lodge focuses on providing a caring and sensitive environment for clients dealing with dual diagnoses. We provide the highest levels of comfort and support so that you have the energy and space to review and discuss complex situations, and our expertly trained, professional staff will support you as you work through sensitive issues.
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Cognitive Therapy

Long-term recovery from addiction involves more than just withdrawing from drugs or alcohol. It requires identifying the causes of your addiction and developing ways to overcome them.

In cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions, you work with a therapist to identify the thought patterns, feelings, and behaviors that cause you to use a substance and develop skills to avoid or change them. This may involve identifying triggers and developing strategies to avoid them or learning how to cope with them in other ways.

CBT is among the most effective and common methods for long-term recovery from addiction. NIDI research has found that the skills you learn through CBT stay with you long after you finish treatment. It is a powerful tool for long-lasting change

Experiential Therapy

In experiential therapy, you strengthen and reinforce the skills you have learned in therapy sessions through enriching outdoor activities. Our state-of-the-art treatment facilities and spectacular natural surroundings offer various activities including, horse-riding, mountain hikes, and a high ropes course.

Experiential activities offer a break from more intense cognitive therapies and are a powerful tool for recovery. They help you discover new passions, find inspiration in the world around you, and rediscover your love of life.
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Individualized Treatment

The 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous underpin our residential treatment program. The 12-steps are a world-renowned program for life-long recovery from addiction and substance abuse.

You explore the 12-steps guiding principles through support group meetings. Group meetings are an invaluable tool for learning from each other, providing mutual support, and finding comfort in a shared experience.

Regular support meetings are fundamental to continuing care and recovery after you have left the center. They provide a constant source of motivation and support to help you rejoin society and overcome challenges in future years.

At Cirque Lodge, our treatment program is recovery orientated. At the end of your stay, we provide you with a comprehensive aftercare plan that offers guidance and support for the rest of your recovery.

When you walk out of our doors, we know it is not the end of our journey. We are only ever a phone call away, and you can return for support whenever you need it.

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