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Alumni Overview

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a lifelong process. Our rehabilitation treatment offers a holistic healing experience that helps you rebuild your life and equips you with the skills you need to maintain sobriety. Long-term recovery also requires continued support and care to help you through challenges and more difficult times. 

At Cirque Lodge, our alumni program is a source of constant support and motivation for your journey ahead. Once you have stayed at Cirque Lodge, you become a lifelong member of our community. You can return to the center for events, retreats, reunions, and even short residential treatment programs.

Recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a lifelong process. Our support is neverending; we are here whenever you need us.

Alumni Reunion

Every September, we host a reunion weekend that’s open to all Cirque Lodge alumni.

It is a time to reunite with friends, reaffirm your commitment to recovery, and reconnect with the serenity of the mountains.

The reunion takes place at the start of autumn as the mountains burst into color. The days are sunny and warm, and the nights cool and starlit.

It is a spectacular weekend of rejuvenation unrivaled by any other addiction center in the United States.

Alumni Retreats

At Cirque Lodge, we are dedicated to offering our alumni experiences to enhance your recovery and keep you connected to the place you became sober.

Each year we host summer and winter mountain retreats in our rehab center and across the United States. Our winter ski retreat allows you to take full advantage of the magnificent snow-covered mountains through a weekend of skiing.

When you’re not on the slope, you can join us for delicious food and massage treatments. We also arrange 12-step meetings and group check-ins in the evenings. 

Our summer retreats have previously taken place away from our treatment centers — in California, where many of our alumni live — and are accessible to those alumni who cannot make the journey to our center.

Alumni Events

Staying in contact with the place you became sober helps you remain committed and dedicated to recovery. It is a source of support to guide you through challenging times.

We host a series of events throughout the year, including Inner Child workshops, lecture series, 12-step meetings, networking functions, and alumni dinners and gatherings. Most of our events occur at our rehab center, but we also organize meetings and aftercare services in southern California.

We have developed a community app for you to stay in touch with the Cirque Lodge community for alumni who cannot attend events in person. The invite-only app is a safe and private platform where you can find support when you need it. 

If you want to hear about our upcoming alumni program and events, please send your contact information to our Alumni Director, Meghan H. 

We send out regular newsletters and updates via email and post information on our private Facebook page and our Alumni Events Calendar on this website.

Alumni Meets ‘n’ Greets

We understand that it may be hard for some alumni to travel to us for a retreat, so our Meet ‘n’ Greet program brings Cirque Lodge to you.

We organize meet ‘n’ greet dinners in different parts of the United States throughout the year. It is a chance to reunite with other alumni and Cirque Lodge staff members closer to your home, and many of our alumni also organize meetings in their local areas. 

Please subscribe to our monthly newsletter or check the Alumni Events Calendar for details of Cirque Lodge events.

Guesting Privilege

Our guesting privilege program offers all alumni the opportunity to return to our center free of charge for three to four days to refocus their efforts on recovery.

Recovery from addiction isn’t easy, and there will inevitably be challenges ahead. The road to recovery is long and requires sustained commitment. Guesting privilege is a chance to re-energize, re-focus, and re-commit in the place you initially got sober.

When you return to our center, you will be a role model for others. You will show those at the start of the treatment process that overcoming addiction is possible, and you’ll demonstrate how valuable sober life can be. Inspiring others is a powerful experience that consolidates your recovery and gives you the motivation to continue.

You may want to return to the center because you are worried about a relapse or simply as a motivational boost. 

Guesting Privilege

Guesting privilege is accessible to all alumni who have maintained sobriety since they left Cirque Lodge. If you have returned to alcohol or drug use, you can rejoin us on our relapse track program.

Relapse Track

Addiction is a chronic disease involving long-lasting changes in the brain. These changes may produce urges for drugs even after long periods of sobriety. For some people, relapse is a part of their recovery process.

Our relapse track program is a two-week inpatient treatment program of behavioral therapies, experiential therapies, and support groups. We help you to overcome your relapse and continue on your recovery journey.

Relapsing is not a failure, and it is not a step back to square one. Treating relapse involves identifying why you returned to substance use and developing skills to prevent it from happening again. It may require making adjustments to your aftercare plan or everyday routines. You build on your personal growth from your first treatment experience and you’ll return to daily life stronger and better equipped.

If you have returned to alcohol or drug use, even just once or twice, please contact us immediately at Cirque Lodge. The earlier you ask for help, the easier getting back on track will be.

Mentor Program

Effective alcohol and drug rehabilitation equips you with the coping strategies needed to maintain abstinence once you return home from treatment. The initial transition back to everyday life can be challenging. Your sober life will be very different from when you were in active addiction, and it may take a while to settle into it.

At Cirque Lodge, we make this transition as smooth as possible. We partner you with a temporary guide or mentor to offer advice and connect you with resources in your local area. A mentor is an alumni contact who has at least six months of sobriety, and your mentor may talk with you over the phone or attend support meetings with you.

Having a mentor to guide you through these early months can be invaluable to your recovery, and we are grateful to all our mentors for their compassionate care and support.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please contact us at Cirque Lodge.

Contact Us

Cirque Lodge offers a combination of experiential, behavioral, and group therapies to provide a holistic and enriching treatment experience.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us today. We can help.