Alumni Events

By staying connected with the alumni of our alcohol and drug rehab facilities we contribute to their ability to stay on paths of recovery. At Cirque Lodge we are continually coming up with programs and events that keep the alumni involved and hopefully actively engaged in their recovery. The culminating event being our Alumni Reunion held each September. Throughout the year, we hold regional gatherings, dinners and retreats in an effort to keep alumni connected to the place where they found sobriety.

There are a few ways to stay informed of all upcoming alumni events sponsored by Cirque Lodge. We encourage alumni to get a hold of your Alumni Director, Meghan H. with all of your current contact information. He routinely sends out a newsletter and updates with info pertaining to upcoming Cirque events via email. We have also found an online (and private way) to keep alumni connected through Facebook. Some local alumni have even used this resource to create their own local groups and events in their communities.

Alumni Reunion

Each and every September a weekend is dedicated to our annual alumni reunion. Alumni from all over the world make a special effort to return and renew with us here in the serenity of the mountains.

This is a truly magnificent and powerful event. We feel it does not have an equal when it comes to honoring those who have found recovery over addiction. Each year we have over 500 alumni, staff and family members involved. It is a momentous opportunity to return to the mountains and “rekindle the flame” for your recovery.


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Alumni Retreats

Alumni Retreats

Some of the feedback we have received over the years in pertaining to our Alumni Reunion is to have similar events during the year, but on not so grand a scale.

Meghan Hoyt, Director of Alumni Services has coordinated some wonderful alumni retreats that fulfill this request. In the winter, we get together and do some skiing, tubing and always make sure we check in with gratitude and 12-step meetings. When it warms up, we have gone to California and had a paddleboarding retreat in Malibu always following the mantra to keep our alumni connected.

Once again, the best way to stay in the loop on upcoming activities, dinners and retreats is to be on our email contact list. Please contact Meghan Hoyt today for more details.

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