Keeping Our Alumni Involved

Cirque Lodge is continually looking for ways to keep our alumni involved in events that enhance their recovery, all the while keeping them connected to the drug rehab facility where they got sober. With the continued success of our annual reunion, we found that alumni wanted more in the ways of Cirque-sponsored gatherings.

Chris Rueckert, our Alumni Director has been up to the task with coordinating gatherings, dinners and alumni retreats.

These retreats have allowed us to have experiences like we do each September at the reunion, but on a smaller scale. It is our hope that these activities are more than just a way to check in with Cirque, but can be a means to continue the message of experience, strength and hope shared through recovery.

These retreats have allowed us to have experiences like we do each September at the reunion, but on a smaller scale.

Ski And Summer Retreats

The mountains of Utah are heralded as having the “Greatest Snow on Earth”. How could we have a facility in these beautiful mountains and not take advantage of the snow? We invite our alumni to attend our winter ski retreat, usually held around the beginning of February. It is so much more than just a weekend of skiing. We go to Soldier Hollow to do some tubing; there are massage treatments at Sundance, and as always delicious foods. Alumni weekends would not be complete without having a gratitude check-in and a 12-step meeting or two.

For alumni who are not so fond of snow, we have also coordinated some “warm” weather retreats. These have actually taken place away from the Cirque drug rehab facility and in California. This past year we held a paddle boarding weekend in Malibu. It was a wonderful way to stay connected with the increasing number of alumni we have in that area. It is always heartwarming to overhear the stories of Cirque Lodge and more importantly the stories of living and loving life in sobriety.


Alumni Meet ’N’ Greets / Dinners

We understand that for some alumni to travel for a retreat can be a challenge. That is why we are continually trying to bring the staff of the Cirque Lodge alcohol treatment and drug rehab facilities to you. Throughout the year we coordinate meet ‘n greet dinners in different parts of the country.

It is a chance to catch up with fellow alumni and someone from Cirque Lodge a little closer to home. To find out about upcoming dinners and activities we send out monthly calendars, or you can check the Alumni Events Calendar for details.

We do encourage you to make every effort to be a part of our growing network of alumni opportunities. In our experience we have found by staying connected to Cirque Lodge it greatly increases your resources for continuing recovery. We have always said after you have gone through treatment at Cirque Lodge that “you are one of ours.” We will continue to provide you, our alumni, with programs and privileges to assist your recovery process.

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Cirque Lodge is considered among our colleagues, as one of, if not the premium drug and alcohol rehab facility in the country.
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