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Alumni Reunion

Please join us for our 23rd Annual Alumni Reunion September 9th and 10th.

The reunion is free of charge to all Cirque Lodge Alumni. If you have the ability, we would ask you to consider making a donation to the Cirque Lodge Foundation. Donations to the foundation are tax deductible and go for the strict purpose of patient aid. Weekly we receive dozens of phone calls from people who, although deserving of treatment, have little or no means of accessing care. Your donations are meaningful.

Spouses, significant others and friends in recovery are welcome guests. The cost per additional person is $100.00. This includes all activities and events including, meals and Cirque gift.

What happens after you leave treatment? A quality treatment experience is about more than the 30, 60, or 90 days you were in the program. Discovery happens in treatment, recovery begins after you leave.

Cirque Lodge’s addiction treatment program strongly believes in keeping the fire alive once a person leaves our care. In fact we like to say “you are always one of ours.”

We believe that we rekindle and share the flame of recovery with our alumni better than any other treatment center anywhere in the country. Along with weekly continuing care, lifetime guesting privileges, summer and winter retreats, and regional dinners across the country, we proudly offer a weekend for our alumni to reconnect with friends, renew their commitment to recovery, and through the healing power of our mountain setting, enhance their growth first experienced while as a resident of the Lodge.

The Alumni Reunion takes place each September as the mountains burst forth in a show of colors. When the moon is full and nights filled with stars. The days are warm and nights cool. It is spectacular weekend of rejuvenation unmatched anywhere in drug and alcohol treatment.

Schedule – Events

Friday evening

Our annual reunion starts off on a Friday evening in at our Studio with our annual alumni 12-step speaker meeting. We typically have over 500 alumni, staff and other friends of the Lodge in attendance. It is magnificent. For the current residents and for our staff it is proof positive that alcohol and drug rehab does work. We provide an awesome, gourmet, spread and then our alumni speakers knock it out of the park with a message of experience, strength and hope. We finish with our memorial to those who have passed. For those whose addiction treatment was unable to arrest the terrible malady of a drug or alcohol problem. Last but not least we circle up for a moment of silent communion as we go forth to carry the message of recovery. That there is relief from alcohol, drugs, and other co-occurring disorders if we are but willing to work for it.


Saturday is a day packed with motivational presentations. For those of us who have suffered from drug and alcohol problems we understand that recovery is a process not an event. Continuing with aftercare, retreats, meetings, workshops and other rehab related presentations are all integral in keeping us on the road to recovery. Realizing that recovery is a program of attraction, that evening we barbeque in Aspen Grove and begin what we believe is the highlight of the weekend, the famous bonfire with Dave Beck. It is during the bonfire where we rekindle the flame of recovery. There is nothing like a bonfire, amplified by the warmth of our fellowship, to have our alumni realize there is no place on earth quite the equal of an alpine meadow sitting in the shadows of the Cascade Cirque. Here is where the spirit of recovery, love, and the magic of Sundance inspires everyone present.


Alumni end the weekend on Sunday morning with an alumni-led 12-step meeting. Following a great breakfast at our state of the art dining facility in the Studio, we recommit to ourselves and to each other to reconvene next year. We believe it is impossible to leave the weekend without feeling a renewed sense of spirituality inspired by the majestic surroundings of Mount Timpanogos and the warmth of the fellowship.

There is relief from alcohol, drugs, and other co-occurring disorders if we are but willing to work for it.

Rekindle The Flame

Each year hundreds of our alumni gather to share in the experience. We are honored that our graduates are excited to come back and share in the magic that happens at Cirque Lodge. We like to say, “If you can’t come for yourself, come for the rest of us.”

As we mentioned before, the reunion is a very special experience for the staff. It validates what we do in addiction treatment. It makes all our days toiling in shadow of the “beast” of addiction seem well worth the fight.

Lodging For Alumni

A number of hotels and places offer Cirque Lodge Alumni discounts on rooms during the weekend. As the Reunion approaches, we will provide information and details with lodging and locations.

Information about the Alumni Reunion will be updated on this page as well as through our mailing list. If you have any questions regarding the reunion, or need to update your mailing address or to volunteer, please contact the Cirque Lodge alcohol and drug rehab facility at 801-222-9200.

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Cirque Lodge offers a combination of experiential, behavioral, and group therapies to provide a holistic and enriching treatment experience.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us today. We can help.