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10 Benefits of Alcohol Treatment

If you feel like you need help to stop drinking, you may need to attend an alcohol treatment program.

Alcohol rehabilitation can be an enriching experience. It is often the first step on the journey to recovery and a life free of addiction.

Effective treatment offers a holistic healing experience. It can help you cope with your addiction, recover from any underlying conditions,

strengthen your relationships with friends and family members, and reconnect you with your love of life. If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol use disorder, please contact us today. One of our compassionate professional staff will answer any questions you have and guide you through the next steps.

Residential inpatient rehab treatment has countless benefits, including the ten that we have listed below:

1. A Safe Environment to Heal

1. A Safe Environment to Heal

Alcohol addiction is a complex illness that often has deep-rooted causes.

Recovery involves identifying these causes and developing skills to cope with them. It requires a holistic healing process where you reconnect with your mind, body, and spirit.

This process needs time, focus, and commitment. It requires you to be away from the distractions and chaos of everyday life, so you have the space to heal.

At Cirque Lodge, our luxury treatment facilities are located in the remote Rocky Mountain range.

They provide you with the comfort and privacy you need to focus on your recovery experience. The spectacular scenery offers inspiration for your recovery throughout your stay.

Medical staff are available 24/7 to support you and cater to your needs. You can relax in the knowledge that you are safe at all times.

Cirque Lodge is a safe and comfortable environment that provides you with the space to heal.

2. Medically Supervised Detox

2. Medically Supervised Detox

The first step in recovering from alcohol abuse is usually detoxification.

Detoxification is the process where you remove all traces of alcohol and its toxins from your body.

When you withdraw from alcohol suddenly, you are likely to experience several withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts to functioning without alcohol. These symptoms can be very uncomfortable and even dangerous.

At Cirque Lodge, detox takes place in a specialized facility under the 24-hour supervision of medical staff. Our medical professionals will be by your side to make the process as comfortable and easy as possible. If needed, they can also prescribe you medication to ease withdrawal symptoms.

3. Learning About Addiction

3. Learning About Addiction

During your stay at Cirque Lodge, you will always be learning something.

You will learn about the nature of alcoholism, the skills you need to overcome it, and how to stay sober in the long term.

Learning takes place through workshops, therapy sessions, and enriching practical activities. These include horse-riding, a high ropes course, and helicopter adventures. At Cirque Lodge, you will learn and reinforce skills in unique ways.

When you leave alcohol rehab, you will have invaluable knowledge about why you drink,  how to stop drinking, and how to stay sober in the years ahead.

4. Individualized Treatment Programs

4. Individualized Treatment Programs

Alcohol addiction is a complex illness with many different causes.

These may include underlying mental illness, behavioral patterns, or social relationships.

Everyone’s experience of addiction is different. Effective drug and alcohol treatment is individualized to suit each person’s circumstances and needs.

At Cirque Lodge, we get to know you as an individual through an in-depth assessment at the start of your stay. We involve your family members to gain as much insight into your addiction as possible. This helps us to provide the most effective treatment for you.

Effective alcohol therapy also changes with you. As you learn, heal and recover, we reassess and adapt your treatment plan to reflect your changing needs.

5. Recovery for the Whole Person

5. Recovery for the Whole Person

Effective alcohol treatment provides a holistic approach to your recovery. It offers you physical, emotional, and spiritual outlets to improve your well-being.

At Cirque Lodge, we use the powerful properties of nature to help you heal and grow. Our experiential therapy often takes place in the great outdoors. Mountain hikes take you through spectacular and inspiring scenery, while equine therapy helps you explore new forms of communication.

The program may also involve exercise, yoga, meditation, community service projects, massage therapy, and expressive therapies to promote holistic wellness and recovery.

Please note that due to COVID-19, several of our therapies have been modified or temporarily suspended to ensure patient safety.

6. Coping Strategies and Preventing Relapse

6. Coping Strategies and Preventing Relapse

Alcoholism is a chronic illness.

Many of our clients have tried and failed to remain abstinent before they walk through our doors.  However, this does not mean recovery is impossible.

During residential rehabilitation, you will develop skills and strategies to cope with triggers and prevent relapse. At Cirque Lodge, our treatment program is underpinned by the 12-Steps of Alcoholic Anonymous.

The 12-Steps are a tool for spiritual growth that guides you through recovering from addiction and staying sober in the following years. They offer strategies for coping with challenges and coming back from relapses.

One of the 12-Steps strategies is to meet and connect with other people in recovery. Weekly meetings can provide invaluable support as you continue your recovery journey. During rehabilitation, we familiarize you with weekly meetings and their structure to continue to benefit from them after you have left.

7. Peer Support

7. Peer Support

During your residential stay, you will be among others with the same aim; to recover from addiction.

Throughout the treatment process, you will engage in support groups, group therapy, and collective activities together.

The 12-Steps emphasizes the healing power of one person helping another. At Cirque Lodge, you can form strong friendships that last for life and are a constant source of support for your recovery. We also connect you to community and self-help programs like Alcoholic Anonymous to attend once you leave the center.

 8. Family Support

8. Family Support

At Cirque Lodge, we recognize that addiction affects the whole family.

Our actions and behaviors can strain relationships and hurt our loved ones. We dedicate our treatment program to healing the whole family, not just the individual struggling with addiction. We invite families to the center for four days every three weeks to take part in Family Week.

During Family Week, we help you understand more about addiction and how it affects the family unit. We explore different ways you can support each other and hold restorative sessions to heal any relationships damaged by addiction.

9. Continuing Care

9. Continuing Care

Your recovery journey does not end when you leave the rehab center. Neither does our support.

Before you leave, our medical experts will design your personal aftercare plan to guide you on the rest of your recovery journey. We will connect you with different networks, centers, and programs to help you continue to heal.

These networks may be local to you or accessible online. You can also choose to mentor another client at Cirque Lodge to share your knowledge and experience with others.

10. Alumni Support

10. Alumni Support

Once you attend a program at Cirque Lodge, we consider you a life-long member of our community.

We provide an active alumni program and supportive involvement throughout the year.

For those who stay closer to the Lodge and Studio, you are welcome to attend daily 12-Step meetings and weekly alumni meetings free of charge.

Alcohol Treatment Changes Lives

The most significant benefit of alcohol treatment is that it changes lives.

Heavy drinking and alcohol addiction claim countless lives every single day. However, alcohol addiction is treatable, and full recovery is possible for anyone.

Millions of people around the world have recovered from alcohol addiction. You could be one of them.

Staying connected to the place where you became sober can be a powerful tool for coping with future challenges. Our alumni programs make this possible.

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Recovery Is Possible

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