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Frequently Asked Questions About Alcohol Treatment

If you are looking into alcohol addiction treatment for yourself or a loved one, you need to find the perfect fit.

We get many questions from people interested in details about our program.

We are always happy to answer them.

We have compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions we get asked below.

Do I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

Do I Need Alcohol Addiction Treatment?

The answer to this depends on whether your drinking has become a problem.

This can be a tricky question to self-assess, even when the problem is escalating out of control. Generally speaking, it is best to speak with an alcohol addiction specialist about your concerns, who will then ask you a set of questions to gauge the presence and severity of alcohol use disorder (AUD).

You can self-assess prior to this by asking yourself a few simple yes/no questions.

  • Do you drink every day?
  • Do you often drink in excess?
  • Do you find yourself choosing alcohol over other activities?
  • Are your drinking habits affecting your home, school, or work life?
  • Have others expressed concern about how much you drink?
  • Have you already tried to cut back on drinking unsuccessfully?

If you have not already, try cutting back. If this does not work or is a struggle, it could be a sign that professional treatment may be beneficial. Not being able to control your intake or suffering from withdrawal symptoms are tell-tale signs that professional treatment is probably necessary.

Cirque Lodge has a team of addiction professionals to help you determine if you need treatment. When you contact our admissions office, they can provide you with a formal addiction assessment and helpful information over the phone.

If you are calling about a friend or family member suffering from addiction, we can support you with information and provide you with contacts for intervention assistance.

I Do Not Think I am Dependent, Can I Still Get Treatment?

I Do Not Think I am Dependent, Can I Still Get Treatment?

All levels of AUD are associated with a lack of control over drinking in the face of harmful consequences and benefit from treatment.

Mild and moderate cases tend to appear as patterns of habits and behaviors that the user cannot control. We offer both medical and psychological support options and can design a program for you regardless of where you fall in this spectrum.

Physical dependency is a sign of severe AUD, and we can treat withdrawal symptoms with medications before we begin other forms of therapy.

Cirque Lodge offers a program of cognitive therapy and counseling that aims to discover the underlying reasons for alcohol abuse. We build treatments to help you take back control from any level of AUD.

How Long Will Treatment Take?

How Long Will Treatment Take?

AUD does not develop overnight, and effective alcohol abuse treatment is often a long-term effort.

The amount of time it takes is determined by the characteristics of each case. Your assessment provider should offer you a recommendation on treatment duration after they have evaluated your condition.

Recovery is a process and not an event. Treatment at a center involves a program of therapies to help you stay sober once you leave. You must give yourself time to heal physically and to internalize the lessons and strategies that will carry you through the process and beyond. Many treatment centers accept a 90-day program as the industry standard for this reason.

Cirque Lodge has options of 30 and 90-day programs for clients struggling with AUD. If you choose a 30-day program, you will, of course, have the opportunity to extend your treatment if it is necessary to your recovery. Both options will involve developing a personalized continuing care plan, and we provide you with a contact list of effective outpatient resources and programs to support you after your treatment has ended.

What Does Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program Involve?

What Does Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Program Involve?

It takes some work to look into the subtle details of every program, but it is worth it to choose the right treatment for your individual needs.

An effective inpatient program is going to include many different approaches in cognitive and behavioral therapy, as well as a medical intervention when needed. An individual with AUD is struggling with a multifaceted condition that requires a dynamic approach.

Cirque Lodge is a licensed and healthcare-accredited treatment facility that offers the following services as part of our inpatient alcohol treatment program:

  • Medical support for detox
  • 12-step framework
  • Peer support groups
  • 1-on-1 private sessions with a therapist
  • Group therapy sessions
  • Experiential therapy on our campus and out in nature
  • Dual diagnosis and treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders
  • Drug counseling
  • Family therapy and Family Week at our campus
  • Continuing care for graduates
What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment?

What Are the Benefits of Inpatient Alcohol Treatment?

We believe that, especially in serious cases of alcoholism, an inpatient option is best.

Even if it is not kept in the house, alcohol is readily available and can be a constant temptation to a person going through recovery.

Staying on-site allows you to stay in an environment where you can access 24-7 medical and mental support and safely stay away from triggers. Many clients also enjoy the privacy of the Rocky Mountains as well as being surrounded by a community of peers committed to long-term recovery.

Cirque Lodge programs are housed in a substance-free campus far from the stressors of daily life. Clients undergoing withdrawal can be supervised and supported whenever they need it by a team of medical staff.  Our facility at The Lodge is a safe, comfortable, and restful place to stay during this critical time in recovery.

How Can the Family Participate in Treatment?

How Can the Family Participate in Treatment?

The struggles and behaviors of drinking involve the whole household, and healing is an effort that involves the entire family.

Alcohol abuse disrupts the home, and family members can find themselves developing enabling behavior and codependent relationships as a method of coping.

When your family member comes home from a treatment program, life continues, but it should not stay the same. A family-inclusive treatment program can teach everyone more about the nature of the condition and how to establish boundaries and communicate about alcohol. It is crucial to learn these skills so everyone can be involved and supportive in the recovery process.

Cirque Lodge has a peerless family program among alcohol treatment facilities. Our four-day program occurs every three weeks at our campus, and we strongly encourage you to visit us. During this time, we host educational lectures, engaging workshops, and intimate therapy sessions. We recognize that alcohol abuse is often traumatic for everyone involved, and we have designed this program to help you come together and heal as a family unit.

Will I Be Supported After My Treatment Ends?

Will I Be Supported After My Treatment Ends?

In the grand scheme of things, the time spent at a treatment center is just a small fraction of the journey towards sobriety.

After you graduate from a program, you should have access to resources to support you as you continue on your recovery.

At Cirque Lodge, continuing care is another key part of our recovery program. Before you leave our facility, we will create a personalized aftercare plan that may include AA or sober living, ongoing therapy, or 12-step meetings local to you or online.

There are also several Cirque Lodge-specific alumni groups and reunions to help you stay connected. Staying in touch with your peers can be highly beneficial, and this allows us to continue to help each other through the hard work ahead.

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