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Inpatient Alcohol Rehab Utah

The mountains are often regarded as a spiritual place, a place for healing and a place for growth.

For those suffering from alcoholism, the mountains can be a place for getting your life, your freedom, and even your loved ones back. Here at Cirque Lodge, we offer just that through the care of an inpatient alcohol rehab facility. With locations in Sundance Utah and the mouth of Provo Canyon, one can tap into the power and the majesty of the mountains as a part of their recovery experience.

Our private and exclusive facility provides a safe haven, a place for healing in a mountain environment. In regular daily life, alcoholics are faced with many influences that can lead them to drink. Here in the mountains, they can come to grips with this in the most natural of settings, receiving care from some of the finest alcohol treatment professionals in the industry.

Private Inpatient Rehab Center

Private Inpatient Rehab Center

We provide the highest levels of privacy for our residents.

Both the Lodge and Studio facility is privately located and free from unwanted outside influences. 12-step recovery is based in anonymity and that tradition is the foundation of our program. In fact, we take it very seriously. We strive to remove the distractions so that you or your loved one can focus on getting well again. At either facility professional confidentiality is maintained by our treatment staff.

The Lodge in Sundance Utah is a limited enrollment facility and is ideal for those high profile and executive individuals in need of alcohol treatment. Through the years, Cirque Lodge has had the opportunity to treat a number of high-profile individuals and celebrities. They benefited from our observance of privacy and our caring program. Private rooms are available for those individuals who need them, and a personalized confidential program is used to treat the disease of alcoholism.

Luxury Rehab Center

Luxury Rehab Center

We are considered in our industry as a high-end, or luxury rehab center.

The emphasis on luxury helps to do away with some of the misconceptions that are built up in the alcoholic’s mind prior to coming to treatment. They can have a misconception that rehabilitation is a form of punishment, and not as a means of getting better. The high-end feel of our facilities provides comfort and a homelike place. It melts away preconceived negative notions that the patient can have about rehab. A part of this luxury center is the most comfortable accommodations for residents; all the things you would expect from a world-class mountain retreat. However, at the foundation of this retreat is a highly effective and intensive alcohol rehab program. As we like to say, do not confuse ‘nice’ with ‘easy.’

A part of our luxury is found through our culinary experience. Residents are provided three well-balanced meals each day, prepared by our chefs. Our chefs are professionals in the culinary arts and provide meals that you would come to expect from a luxury rehab facility. Meals are based on the needs of the client. Alcoholism can cause type II diabetes. Our chefs are sensitive to the dietary needs of our residents and prepare meals according to these needs. The Dining Areas at both the Lodge (located in Sundance, Utah) and Studio (located in Orem, Utah) provide floor-to-ceiling views of the surrounding mountains and nature.

During downtime, residents can enjoy a number of amenities that are offered. A common problem of alcoholism is having anxiety in those initial weeks of being sober. Amenities provide relaxation and means to reducing this anxiety. Residents can spend appointed free time in the sauna, or receiving a massage from one of our therapists. Both our facilities offer time each day for fitness. Alcoholism can do a lot of physical damage. Fitness helps to provide recovery for the body. Please note that as a result of the coronavirus, Cirque Lodge adapts all programs and amenities based on weekly updates received from our local and state officials. Several of our personal care services are temporarily suspended during the pandemic to ensure continued patient health.

Effective Inpatient Rehab

Effective Inpatient Rehab

At the core of this private and luxurious treatment facility is a highly effective program.

Residents are provided a personalized approach to alcohol detox and treatment therapies. Each resident has very distinct needs that require rehabilitation and treatment. All elements of inpatient treatment are sensitive to meeting these needs. It is tailored to provide the most effective forms of therapy for each resident.

The drug and alcohol recovery program itself is a unique balance of therapies, programs, and experiential activities. Our staff works on a personal level with each resident to arrest the disease of addiction. Lectures and workshops are used to educate the alcoholic on the nature and behaviors of addiction. There is even a family element, providing therapy and programs for the residents and their family members. Daily experiential activities are used to teach valuable lessons on recovery and provide vital spiritual experiences. For those in need of a facility for their addiction problem, this balance can be the answer to years of alcoholism and struggles.

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Our individualized treatment programs offer an enriching rehabilitation experience tailored to suit your needs. The breathtaking mountains surrounding our center are the perfect place to heal. Our magnificent location offers unique opportunities to reconnect with your true self and rediscover your love of life.
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