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Extended Alcohol Rehab Program

A long-term treatment solution can be needed to help individuals who are struggling with chronic alcoholism. It is a constant relapsing condition.

Cirque Lodge offers a personalized extended alcohol rehab facility for clients to provide them with this long-term foundation. This page will take a look at our approach, as well as assisting alumni programs provided for long term support.

Primary Care Treatment

Primary Care Treatment

Treatment begins with a 30-day treatment stay.

This initial 30 days is referred to as primary care. For some, primary care may not be enough to properly address their disease of alcoholism. For those who are in need of additional time, we provide an extended care program. A primary treatment stay begins with an assessment process to best personalize the addiction treatment for the client. A large battery of tests, personal inventories and counseling sessions are used to lay the groundwork for the treatment plan of the client.

A therapeutic and effective schedule has been developed to help the alcoholic address problems in their lives. This scheduling is also quite effective and establishing boundaries and expectations for clients. One of the problems of drinking and addiction is that the lines of responsibility can be compromised to appease the need to drink or use. Establishing responsibilities in the treatment side of things allows the individual to create such responsibilities for their lives.

Primary care treatment involves a bevy of daily activities and clinical therapies. Personalized treatment involves an individual licensed counselor. One-on-one sessions are scheduled into the regular efforts of workshops and group therapies. Woven into this clinical effort is the Cirque Lodge experiential program. Experiential work is one of the uniquely effective aspects of the alcohol treatment effort here at the Lodge. It gives those in the rehab program hands-on experience at developing coping strategies. These activities are intended to enhance, engage and offer healing to the body, mind, and soul.

Extended Treatment

Extended Treatment

As stated earlier, 30 days may not be enough time to fully address the struggles of alcoholism.

In most cases it is not. Extended treatments are available for clients who wish to further their recovery effort. This gives the individual more time within an addiction treatment setting, more time with personalized therapy and more time to develop tools needed to stay sober.

We are a 12-step based alcohol treatment facility. During primary care, the 12-steps are introduced through effective workshops and step work. Within extended treatment care, these steps are furthered by becoming involved in Alcoholics Anonymous and through working with a temporary sponsor. Personal therapies are utilized in helping the individual address any underlying concerns that can arise during the personal inventory part of the 12-step process.

Continuing Care Plan – Primary and extended treatment stays are accompanied with a continuing care plan for residents and graduates of Cirque Lodge. Prior to discharge from the facility, a plan is developed to help the individual with continued care and support efforts of alcohol rehab and recovery. After leaving the safety of a treatment facility, it can be difficult on one’s own. The Continuing Care Plan allows the individual to stay connected with the right rehab programs and recovery efforts to assist them with sobriety.

Extending Through Alumni Programs

Extending Through Alumni Programs

Even after treatment, our alumni have programs and activities to help them stay connected with the facility.

Throughout the year, we sponsor alumni gatherings and dinners in different areas of the country to help residents stay connected. We have mentoring, aftercare and support groups in communities to assist with transition and with staying connected to Cirque events. Each and every September is dedicated to recovery, and we invite alumni to return each autumn to our annual reunion to ‘rekindle the flame.’

Guesting is an alumni program that allows any graduate of our facilities to return when needed for additional care. It acts as a refresher course for individuals who may be struggling and facing relapse. Guesting allows for up to 96 hours (a 4-day stay) of care when needed. It is free of charge and available for all alumni who have remained sober. If relapse has occurred, we will work with the individual or family on a relapse track of programming, or help them with re-admittance into treatment if needed.

For individuals suffering with alcoholism, we can help. If you are not sure whether you or a loved one needs an extended alcohol rehab program, our professional staff can help with recommendations on what to do following a 30-day stay. Upon completion of an alcohol treatment plan, a continuing care plan is developed and coordinated with local facilities and programs to best assist with your recovery, or the recovery of your loved one. Learn more about why you should check into alcohol rehab center.

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