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Private Alcohol Treatment Facility

When someone comes to treatment for alcohol problems sometimes it is not always on the best of terms.

They can be coming from some pretty difficult places in their lives, and entering into treatment can be a little embarrassing to some. It does not have to be that way, however.

Private alcohol treatment is available for those discerning individuals who are in need of help. Private treatment can alleviate some of that unwanted stress and concerns about coming to rehab. Cirque Lodge offers this professional level of private treatment in a quiet mountain environment.

Why Private Treatment?

Why Private Treatment?

Private treatment facilities are considered to be the most effective source for treating chemical dependency.

While privately-based programs tend to be more costly, they also provide more professional services, therapy & treatment options than state-funded alcohol treatment programs. Privately based programs usually are residential-based facilities. The patient stays at the facility for the duration of their program. The treatment focus is also individualized to help the patient address their personal struggles with alcoholism.

Private locations also lend to a therapeutic feel as well. It is an environment where you can feel safe, even at home. This type of environment is supportive of you and your sobriety. They help you stay focused on getting well again. There can also be things that need addressing in rehab that is not meant for the entire group to hear. Another advantage to privacy is personal therapy sessions with a licensed professional. You can work through underlying concerns that can be hurting you and forcing you to drink.

12-Step Alcohol Treatment program

12-Step Alcohol Treatment program

We are founded upon the 12-step modality developed by Alcoholics Anonymous.

Our residents begin the process of recovery and step work while in our private treatment center. One of the reasons for the effectiveness of our program is our integration of the 12-steps into the other aspects of clinical care and experiential therapies. It gives the recovering alcoholic a foundation to work with in aftercare and long-term recovery.

Anonymity is one of the traditions of this program, giving any struggling alcoholic a fellowship of support to help them with their drinking dilemma. As a private alcohol rehab center, resident anonymity is observed in our facilities. This is reflected in not only the privacy of the facility, but also in the professionalism and care of the staff. The 12th Tradition of A.A. serves as the reminder “to place principles before personalities.”

Caring Treatment for Alcohol

Caring Treatment for Alcohol

So far we have discussed a comfortable and private alcohol treatment facility.

We would not be what we are without the effectiveness and care of our program. Treatment for alcohol addiction can be quite a difficult process. Our addiction treatment program is a multi-systemic approach to arrest this difficult disease and to introduce positives of healing and recovery. A number of interventions are offered to treat the individual body, mind and spirit. It is our hope to give the struggling alcoholic and their family an experience and foundation for long-termed sober living.

The burdens of this process are greatly lessened by the efforts and care of the staff. They are committed to providing each individual with a confidential and private treatment experience, but also offer the necessary help and support for these struggles as well. A number of treatment staff in our drug rehab center is individuals in successful recovery, committed to helping others to obtain the same positives of sober living. Our staff is available around-the-clock to meet resident needs and administer appropriate levels of care.

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