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Alcohol Abuse Problems

The scope of alcohol abuse is widespread.

National surveys and reports show that it is the most commonly abused drug among most age groups. Sadly, it is also most abused in youth age groups.

While it is the most treated substance in addiction programs, reports say that less than 10% of individuals with alcohol problems get help. Many individuals we care about struggle with drinking and alcoholism. It can be up a loved one to reach out and get that person the help they need before it is too late.

More on Problems of Alcohol Abuse

More on Problems of Alcohol Abuse

Estimates report that over 16 million adults (18 and older) struggle with some form of alcohol abuse problem in the United States (Alcohol Facts and Statistics).

Problems related to alcohol consumption (traffic accidents, medical incidents, productivity lost in businesses, accidental death) combined cost this nation over 200 billion dollars annually. Alcohol addiction has been a problem in our society for some time. This is something that is not going to go away, but for those individuals in your life that struggle with drinking, there is help through alcohol recovery.

Alcoholism has far-reaching effects. It impacts all those who the alcoholic immediately influences. Spouses, parents, and children can suffer from their loved one’s drinking habits. Employment relationships can be strained by those same lines. Individuals lose their jobs to alcohol problems quite often. An alcoholic, on the other hand, may have developed a stigma or mindset where their drinking is not the problem. Meanwhile, they continue to lose control of their lives. There are answers for addiction. For most individuals, this answer requires inpatient alcohol rehab.

 Answers With Alcohol Rehab

Answers With Alcohol Rehab

People suffering from alcohol addiction must learn how to get their drinking under control.

Most individuals with an alcohol problem must work on complete abstinence to conquer their problem. Alcohol rehabilitation provides a controlled environment away from the influences of drinking. Treatments are provided to help the individual overcome their addiction to the bottle. Addiction is not something that goes away. It is an ever-present constant. People can have years of sobriety under their belt and still relapse. Part of alcohol rehab is to teach individuals how to manage their impulse to drink with positive and constructive coping strategies. Here are 5 frequently asked questions you might have about alcohol treatment.

A lot of times, drinking is not the only problem. It is the answer to masking other more deeply rooted alcohol problems in the individual’s life. Things like trauma, grief and even medical issues can be influential factors. The numbing ability of drinking suppresses these issues for a time. When addiction is developed, it magnifies the deeply rooted problems with a whole new set of issues. Alcohol rehab provides intensive therapies, not just for the alcohol problems, but for the underlying issues as well. Personal, group, and family therapies are provided to each resident during their stay in our alcohol rehab center.

As stated earlier, the impulses to drink alcohol do not go away. They remain a constant in the alcoholic’s life. The individual must learn ways to recover from drinking, and ways to manage the impulse of the addiction to drink. Cirque Lodge is based on the 12-steps for the recovery process. This program is a guideline for living in recovery and maintaining control over one’s addiction. A unique approach to our facility is our use of mountain-based experiential therapies. These activities teach positive and constructive coping strategies to assist in managing the addiction after one leaves the safety of the facility.

Help For The Family

Help For The Family

Excessive drinking can greatly impact the family.

The behavior and actions of someone under the influence can be extremely abusive, and because they are drunk, they do not realize it. The ability to trust a loved one with a drinking problem is lost over time as well. Part of rehabilitation is a specific alcohol treatment program intended for the family. Residents are encouraged to invite family members to come and participate in this dedicated program. It is such an important part of our alcohol treatment experience, it is offered every third week of the treatment schedule.

The family week consists of a number of elements. It gives the family a little insight into the daily occurrences of our alcohol rehab program. Lectures and workshops are offered to families to help them understand the nature of alcohol use. Programs are provided to help the family understand the need for aftercare. Therapy sessions are available to address the underlying problems of addiction within the family. Family Week helps to tear down the barriers built up by addiction and begin the process of healing. The family is better prepared to provide help and support, as well as be more aware of the behaviors of alcohol abuse.

Alcoholism is something that does not go away. The impulses to drink are still ever-present. The recovering alcoholic must manage the impulses to drink. At first, these impulses are constant and can be a struggle. Over time, the impulses lessen. To help recovering alcoholics manage their addiction and overcome these impulses, Cirque Lodge prescribes an alcohol continuing care plan for residents. Through this plan, the recovering alcoholic has the proper means of help and support for continuing their recovery with the completion of treatment. Aftercare works with each resident to create the best possible continuing care plan for them.

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