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How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost

by | Aug 25, 2022 | All Posts, Programs, Recovery, Treatments | 0 comments

Suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can be difficult to go through. Around the US, there are luxury rehab facilities designed to provide a luxurious treatment experience. While a standard rehab program can help a person with their substance abuse problems, luxury treatment centers can make the journey much more comfortable and private.

Drug abuse is serious and will always come with the risk of overdose. An overdose is a medical emergency and could even result in death. It is important to seek addiction treatment from dedicated treatment providers to prevent this outcome from occurring.

Addiction is a chronic illness and treatment costs are now covered by most health insurance plans. If you are seeking addiction treatment, you may be wondering: how much does luxury rehab cost?

What is Luxury Rehab?

Like all rehab facilities, a luxury center offers substance abuse treatment. Most facilities will offer treatment for both drug and alcohol addiction, as well as gambling, sex addiction, codependency, and other issues.

The cost of luxury programs will vary based on their facilities and location. Luxury rehab centers differ from other rehabs as they provide gourmet meals, massage therapy, and alternative treatments for substance use disorders. Most facilities will be located in serene, natural environments surrounded by mountains, forests, or beaches.

The treatment centers are designed like a resort, to ensure maximum comfort for exclusive guests. Designed to provide a private and convenient solution for addiction, they ensure maximum anonymity. In most luxury rehab centers, the staff is required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Due to their costs, these rehab centers cater to celebrities and high-profile people who struggle with a substance use disorder. Luxury rehab facilities may provide a gym, sauna, or even a spa.

How Much Does Luxury Rehab Cost?

The cost of luxury addiction treatment will vary according to the specific treatment center. The cost of standard addiction centers will start at around $5,000 and can reach up to $20,000 per month. In comparison, drug addiction treatment at luxury rehab programs will start at around $30,000 and could reach up to $100,000 per month.

Health insurance plans will typically cover the cost of a standard drug rehab program. While they may cover certain treatments at luxury rehab facilities, it is unlikely they will cover an entire stay. Luxury facilities ensure maximum comfort, but a standard rehab center will be sufficient to help a person recover from addiction.

Why Is Luxury Rehab Expensive?

Luxury rehab is expensive as the treatment facilities are designed for maximum comfort. Resembling a vacation resort, patients will enjoy activities such as yoga, acupuncture, exquisite food, maid services, and regular massages.

Luxury rehab addiction centers will offer exclusive accommodation. Similar to a luxury hotel, the person will be provided with a large room, maid service, and five-star meals. While luxury accommodation may not necessarily improve mental well-being, it can provide added comfort.

Rather than offering standard psychotherapy, luxury rehabs may also include holistic forms of therapy. Holistic therapies can include mediation, yoga, and acupuncture. Based on an Eastern model of well-being, these centers encourage the person to focus on mindfulness while they heal from alcohol or drug abuse.

What Services Does Luxury Rehab Offer?

A luxury rehab will provide the same basic services as any drug and alcohol rehab center. A rehab center will typically offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment. Residential treatment consists of a person living at the facility.

Addiction treatment will always consist of psychotherapy (such as addiction counseling), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), support groups, and a medical detox program. A detox program is for those seeking drug or alcohol treatment who have developed physical dependence. This medication-assisted treatment helps minimize the symptoms of withdrawal by easing the person off the drug.

In any successful rehab program, mental health treatment will be provided. Studies have shown that underlying mental health disorders often cause drug or alcohol abuse. Many rehab centers will also include family therapy as part of their treatment.

Extra Services

Where luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers differ, is they offer extra treatments that are not usually provided to those who attend rehab. Many luxury rehab centers will offer services such as art therapy, animal-assisted therapy, and equine therapy. Residential treatment at luxury facilities is designed to maximize comfort while protecting the privacy of the patient.

Those who attend luxury rehab centers are often high-profile celebrities who are unable to attend outpatient treatment programs. As recovery should be a private journey, a luxury treatment provider can provide maximum privacy for these individuals.

What Are the Pros of Luxury Rehab?

Healing from alcohol or drug abuse is never an easy journey. A luxury rehab center can provide maximum comfort due to its high-end facilities. At these facilities, high-profile celebrities can enjoy a private and convenient solution for their struggles with addiction. As attending a drug rehab could potentially impact a person’s career, enhanced privacy can be an important feature.

With holistic mental health services, a person can focus on overall well-being and learn important tips for staying free from addiction. Some methods of treatment work for some people more than others. At luxury rehab, a person can test a wide range of alternative therapies and find what works for them.

Do Luxury Rehabs Accept Insurance?

US law requires insurance plans to cover the basic cost of addiction treatment. However, most insurance providers won’t cover the full cost of a stay at a luxury facility, though they may cover certain treatments.

Is Luxury Rehab For Me?

There are a few factors that determine whether or not someone is suited to a luxury rehab. The first factor to consider is the rehab cost. It is important to consider whether or not this is affordable for you. While luxury facilities may make the journey of recovery more comfortable, they are not imperative to healing.

The second factor to consider is whether you require enhanced anonymity. If you are a celebrity or high-profile person and your livelihood could be affected by attending rehab, a luxury rehab may be appropriate for you.

Lastly, if the kind of treatment you want is only provided at a luxury rehab, then it is understandable to consider one of these facilities. Luxury rehabs will offer more mental health services than a standard facility. For example, many will offer music therapy. If an alternative therapy is what you require to heal from addiction, a luxury rehab may be worthwhile.

Is Luxury Rehab Worth the Cost?

Depending on an individual’s needs, luxury rehab could be worth the cost. For those who require enhanced privacy and certain treatments, this kind of treatment provider could prove invaluable. For a person who requires basic addiction treatment, it may not be necessary for recovery. Many luxury facilities are situated in serene, natural environments. As most people live in busy cities, this environment can provide a quiet and healing space for recovery.

What is the Average Time Spent in Rehab?

How long a person spends in rehab will depend on their specific needs. However, many inpatient treatments at rehab have a minimum twenty-eight-day stay. Addiction is a complex issue and a person will usually require around thirty days for basic care. Other options include a sixty-day program, a ninety-day program, and long-term residential sober living facilities. Everyone’s recovery time will vary as their journey is unique to them.

Treatment Options

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), there is an undeniable link between mental health issues and having a substance use disorder. It is important to seek adequate mental health care from treatment providers, whether it is a luxury or standard rehab center.

A person may initially require a detox program to cope with withdrawal. For long-term recovery, emotional support has been shown to be effective and therapy in a group setting can provide this kind of support. Addiction counseling can help a person get to the root of their substance abuse issues, preventing relapse. Holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness can provide lifelong coping skills.

Addiction Treatment Centers

If you are looking for a luxury addiction treatment provider, Cirque Lodge can help. Cirque lodge is one of the best treatment centers in the US, located in a serene location by the mountains of Utah.

At our luxurious facility, we offer addiction treatments such as group therapy, medical detox programs, addiction counseling, mental health disorder treatment, and more. We can ensure maximum privacy and confidentiality. We are one of a few facilities that offer treatment for issues such as codependency.

Under the Affordable Care Act, substance abuse coverage is offered by most health insurance plans. If you would like to discuss the cost of our treatment options, or you need professional treatment advice, call Cirque Lodge today.

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