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Anyone suffering from addiction or drug and alcohol abuse lives a condition that can be exhausting. Wanting to fight addiction can be very challenging too, as a person usually feels hopeless.

Luckily, drug rehab and many addiction treatment programs are available in the United States. But sometimes, exhaustion or depression can call for more than a traditional recovery setting. Perhaps someone has had drug overdoses and needs more personalized care.

If you are wondering if you should choose luxury rehab for your recovery from addiction, this blog may help you find the many advantages of doing so.

What Is the Difference Between Standard and Luxury Rehabs?

You may wonder what the difference between traditional drug rehab or addiction treatment services and a luxury treatment facility is.

Drug abuse is very common in the United States, with around 20 million adults meeting the criteria for a substance use disorder. While outpatient treatment for substance abuse is a very common option, someone might choose luxury rehab treatment at a facility that gives them the best chance for recovery.

Luxury rehabs go beyond the means of standard rehab centers as they emphasize a healthy lifestyle in dealing with drug addiction. Treatment plans differ, the location of a luxury rehab center differs, and staff members can be of the highest quality.

Usually, luxury rehab is located in an area where there is beautiful scenery as opposed to standard rehab located in a city or town. The beautiful location often means that it is surrounded by nature, where fresh air and quietness surround the treatment facilities.

The environment inside a luxury rehab is often also designed to be relaxing, including spaces for activities not common in standard rehab centers. A treatment plan may involve you using these relaxing spaces for recreational and therapeutic benefits.

Inpatient programs allow for someone to stay at the luxury drug rehab center and hence engage in its activities full time. A change of scenery for battling addiction can be crucial to someone's recovery journey, and constantly being in an environment of sobriety and therapeutic activities greatly increase the chances of someone healing and not falling into relapse.

Even though luxury rehab is more costly, it provides the treatment needed by many to overcome their addiction. It may be the reason someone commits to receiving the help they need to stop drinking, for example. As late as 2015, nearly one-third of adults in the United States had an alcohol use disorder at some time in their lives, but only about 20% had received treatment.

As withdrawal from drug and alcohol abuse can be very severe and even lead to death, it may be worth considering that extra cost to save your or your loved one's life.

Advantages of Luxury Rehab Centers

Advantages of Luxury Rehab Centers

The differences between luxury rehab and standard rehab centers are what cause the advantages during recovery. Someone may choose a luxury rehab when these advantages are the key to their sobriety.


Many inpatient treatment facilities in standard rehab centers sleep many people in the same room. Uncomfortable accommodations are common and can lessen someone's sense of calmness and focus during recovery.

Luxury rehab inpatient treatment offers someone their own space or private suites, and it is usually a large, comfortable, and well-decorated space, emphasizing the need for minimal distractions during recovery. Spacious and luxurious rooms instead of possibly uncomfortable accommodations can also be vital for ensuring a relaxing environment for rest and sleep.

Many Specialized Staff Members

There are usually more staff members relative to patients in a luxury rehab. This not only means that the needs of patients are met with greater availability, but also that the environment is extremely supportive of recovery. Someone may hesitate less to ask for help if there is a lot of help available around them.

The staff members at luxury rehabs consist of therapists and counselors who are usually very well-qualified and trained. This means better care for physical and emotional health.

Personalized Care

Many times choosing luxury rehab gives someone the best chance of recovery because of the better chance for individualized care and a private approach to healing and recovering. Luxury rehab emphasizes the fact that people and their experiences of addiction are not always similar.

Undergoing a drug treatment program that is based on someone's physical and emotional needs greatly increases their chances of overcoming their addiction.

You may have a more private treatment setting with your personal therapist, while also having time to interact with the recovery community and build social empathy through support groups. An individualized treatment plan can help you to recover in a way that best fits you.

The individualized treatment promotes a kind of recovery where someone has the chance to be very immersed in their daily activities and focuses a lot on themselves, which is a great requirement for healing. Individualized treatment plans are very precisely tailored to a person's needs and are adjustable as they make progress.

Dual Diagnosis

In luxury rehab facilities, there is an understanding that addiction or substance abuse problems are not only related to symptoms. Apart from a medically supervised detox, a person may need more attention paid to mental health or advice on how to deal with mental illness.

The recovery process in luxury rehab involves identifying and delving into deeper or underlying causes for substance abuse in the first place. In uncovering these causes through dual diagnosis, a luxury rehab provides a treatment that has a holistic approach and promotes skill building. This ensures a long-lasting recovery and the ability to cope with life while staying sober.


Usually, a person entering drug rehab who has suffered addiction for a long time also has nutritional imbalances. Restoring these is very important for both physical health and mental health.

While meals in standard rehab centers may be scheduled and consist of the same food for everyone, luxury rehab offers delicious cuisine that can be catered to your needs.

Activities in Luxury Rehabs

Activities in Luxury Rehabs

There will usually be a wide range of therapeutic activities to do in your free time during the treatment program that is beneficial to your recovery.

Addiction treatment programs at luxury rehabs combine activities and treatment options to give a person new skills, abilities, and self-belief. A holistic treatment process can involve a person doing physical exercise or movement, being creative and expressive, and undergoing individual therapy at the same time.

Activities at luxury rehabs usually involve modern equipment. Someone may be able to record music in a studio during music therapy or make use of modern technology in art therapy.

Here are some activities that treatment programs at luxury rehabs include:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Indoor and outdoor facilities like basketball courts, gyms, or climbing centers
  • Massages
  • Hiking and biking
  • Gardening
  • Yoga
  • Climbing or roping
  • Psychoeducational lectures

Often activities play a crucial role not only in filling free time during drug rehab, but also as a vital part of healing. Some of these activities are a means of bypassing the traditional methods of recovery.

Alternative Therapies Offered by Luxury Rehabs

Alternative Therapies Offered by Luxury Rehabs

The biggest difference between standard drug rehab and luxury rehab is that the latter is open to alternative ways of care during the treatment program. Often the holistic healing that alternative treatment programs provide is enough reason to make someone choose a luxury rehab.

One example is experiential therapy. It involves someone engaging in physical activity or mindful meditation as a means of self-expression, or a way to challenge themselves to overcome fears, build team-building skills, and develop trust in others.

By boosting mental and physical well-being, a person is much more able to participate in psychotherapy.

Other types of therapy included in a holistic approach include:

  • Group therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Equine therapy, incorporating horses into the therapeutic process
  • Dual-diagnosis
  • Cognitive therapy
  • 12 step programs
  • Drug and alcohol detox

Family members are often included in luxury rehab programs. As they are often influenced or affected by their loved one's addiction or substance abuse problems, individual therapy, as well as education on topics like enabling, codependency, and self-care, are offered from luxury rehabs.

Luxury rehab centers also include group therapy for the whole family, known as family therapy. Family plays an integral part in recovery, and therapy for creating a healthy, supportive unit is part of luxury rehabilitation programs.

Even after undergoing treatment at luxury rehabs, help to stay sober is available. Treatment options are not limited to the duration of your stay, and staff ensures that you stay connected to treatments. An individualized treatment or after-care plan and a vast network ensure that you will leave a luxury rehab center with strong support, skills, and abilities.

Finding a Luxury Rehab

Finding a Luxury Rehab

Whether you are considering drug rehab for yourself or a loved one, Cirque Lodge is here to help.

At Cirque Lodge, you can find the best addiction treatment programs. Our experienced staff will take personalized care of you so you can focus on your recovery in a serene setting. Our world-class facility can ensure your road to recovery is more comfortable, holistic, and lasts beyond your stay.

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