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Long-Term Drug Rehab and Aftercare Programs

One of the common principles of effective treatment for drug addiction is that we are part of a program for an adequate amount of time.

What is an appropriate length actually depends upon our needs. Research indicates that it takes most people with addictions at least three months of this type of care to reduce their drug use. Research also shows that those who take advantage of a long-term drug rehab program typically have better outcomes.

We begin treatment with a 30-day rehabilitation program. From their treatment is extended based upon an individual’s need for care. Our hope is that each client not only receives this vital treatment but also develops the necessary coping strategies required for sustained recovery. This page breaks down the efforts, of short-term and extended treatment options at Cirque, and the emphasis on continuing care in some way after a drug rehab stay.

Short-Term Rehabilitation Program

Short-Term Rehabilitation Program

Short-term treatment usually will consist of around a 30-day program within a caring environment.

It typically starts with a detoxification period to get the resident off of drugs and then incorporates different therapies to determine why that person struggles with addictions. Since substance abuse is a different struggle in each person, short-term treatments focus on assessing and treating an individual’s personal needs.

After completing 30-day drug rehab, an individual can still be faced with cravings and the impulse to use drugs or to drink. In most cases treatment is continued with some form of outpatient care and therapy to further the recovery effort. Intensive outpatient treatments provide daily help and services. Over time, treatments can become less intensive and may only need to be on a weekly basis.

For many individuals, the struggles of their addictions are just too controlling and they will need more intensive care to get back on track. A longer-termed inpatient program is most likely needed to help them develop the necessary skills for remaining sober.

Extended Treatment and Inpatient Care

Extended Treatment and Inpatient Care

Nowadays it seems the industry is leaning more towards a 90-day program for inpatient care.

90-days give the brain and the body much more time to heal in a safe environment. It provides more time with intensive therapies to get to the heart of personal and mental health struggles. It also provides more time and practice at being sober. When additional care is needed and aftercare, our clinical staff will work with clients and their families on creating an exceptional extended treatment and long-term drug rehab plan.

Extended treatment provides more time to break down the struggles of alcoholism or drug abuse. This in turn allows the individual to develop bettercoping strategies for their recovery process. We offer family treatments and therapies as a part of programming. Extended treatments provide more chances to work with families in recovery and helping clear up any family struggles that may be present.

Recovery-oriented programs are usually founded on the 12-steps. Those going through the 12-step process will work these steps as a part of their effort to heal and overcome their addictions. In a 30-day program, one may only accomplish the first few steps. In extended care, those in recovery can have much more involvement in these steps, working with a sponsor, and with the 12-step community at large. These steps typically focus more on the self-inventory and the measures needed to heal from those personal struggles. There are advantages to going through these steps in the safety of a supportive inpatient environment.

Aftercare Programs in Recovery

Aftercare Programs in Recovery

As the brain heals, the recovering person can still experience bouts of mental and emotional lapses and cravings.

This is known as post-acute withdrawal. Drug addiction is a chronic condition, and even with extended treatment in place, this can happen. An aftercare program helps to continue the effort upon completing our inpatient rehab. Whether it is a 30-day, 90-day, or longer program, the aftercare effort is needed to keep those who have gone through treatment working at their recovery and able to manage post-acute withdrawal.

We assist our clients with an aftercare program. These efforts are coordinated prior to leaving treatment. We have a good professional working relationship with outpatient programs, private therapists, sober houses, and intervention services. We will use these resources to create the right program for clients. As a 12-step-founded treatment facility, we will also get residents connected with any former alumni (if available) and the 12-step community in their area to get them engaged and involved in going to meetings.

Overcoming an Addiction is a Process

Overcoming an Addiction is a Process

With an extended treatment program, a person has a higher chance at successful recovery. But addiction is a condition with a high possibility of relapse. Recovery is a process and it can take more time in treatment or additional programs to really win the battle. In our society, we always are looking at something to blame. When a relapse happens, it is all too easy to blame it on the treatment; that it did not work. In reality, it is the nature of chemical dependency and drug abuse that led to the relapse. It is not a time to blame, but a time to seek more help.

Again overcoming addiction is a process. To help our alumni, we offer a Guesting Privilege allowing clients to return for a few days when needed to refocus their recovery. This is for alumni who have remained sober. We also offer a relapse track to get those who have struggled and fallen back onto a long-term recovery plan. Recovery works when you work it. An extended treatment effort can help you or your loved one recover from their addiction.

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