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Addiction does come with a battery of personal struggles.

It is not just in the use of substances, but in how we were raised and how we interact with others. In fact, for many of us, the abuse of alcohol or drugs can truly just be the surface of a much deeper problem or concern. By personalizing treatment and therapy, we can get to the heart of the matter. At Cirque Lodge, you will find that we are passionate about what we do and committed to effective personalized drug therapy for clients. A comfortable facility, caring place and compassionate staff all go into providing what is considered by many

professionals as the preeminent addiction treatment program today. When we enter treatment, the one similarity we have with others in treatment is the problem of dependency. Our purpose for needing a residential drug rehab can really vary. Treatment for heroin addiction requires a different approach than treating cocaine. Men’s programming is different than the women’s rehab plan. We all can be faced with different concerns, trauma, self-esteem issues, grief or even mental health disorders. At Cirque, we personalize the efforts of our program to meet the varying and specific needs of each client.

Intake, Admission and Assessment

Intake, Admission and Assessment

Personalized drug therapy for clients begins with the initial phone call.

When you contact us, you will be put in touch with a knowledgeable member of our staff. The information discussed is kept confidential and used to lay the foundation of our individualized approach. You or your loved one will also be directed to complete the pre-intake assessment form located on this website. This form helps us to further personalize addiction treatment through information about previous treatment, medical and drug abuse histories.

Once admitted, a thorough battery of assessments helps us to personalize care for the individual even further. A number of clinical assessments have been developed in discovering the needs of an individual struggling with drugs or with behavioral health concerns. One such assessment is the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory or MMPI. The MMPI was originally developed in 1939 and helps to determine an individual’s personality and psychopathology. We have staff members that assist our residents by walking them through this process. The results of these assessments allow our clinical team to create an appropriate, professional treatment for each client.

Individuals who are dealing with alcoholism or drug addiction can also be dealing with a co-occurring mental health disorder. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration explains that over 42% of individuals with a substance use disorder are also dealing with co-occurring depression, anxiety, PTSD or similar mental health concern. A part of assessment and drug treatment is continued dual diagnosis services and care from appropriate professionals on our staff. We talk about underlying issues being a chief concern in treating chemical dependency. Dual diagnosis care allows us to get to the heart of the matter in treating mental health disorders influencing addiction.

Personalizing Addiction Treatment

Personalizing Addiction Treatment

We have a commitment to provide effective and caring one-on-one therapies to each client during their stay.

Again, it is underlying issues that can be involved in the seeking and using of drugs. We employ Master’s level addiction counselors to oversee and facilitate these therapies. Multiple sessions for individual therapy are scheduled each week for each individual resident. Cognitive and behavioral therapies are used to address the individual’s thought processes and behavioral struggles. It is a positive and motivational approach to helping individuals with their decision-making and coping strategies.

A vital part of personalized help is our family program. We feel that a solid foundation for recovery begins in the home for many individuals. Our commitment to family treatment is to give those involved the tools they need to provide such an environment. Family Week also involves family process groups and therapies. It gives the family a chance to communicate and address concerns within the support of a therapeutic setting.

Continuing Care Process

Continuing Care Process

We often say at Cirque that ‘Treatment is the place for discovery. After treatment is where you find recovery.’

Even with successful treatment, addiction is a condition with a high possibility of relapse. A common problem faced after getting clean and sober is Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome or PAWS. This syndrome can lead to intensified cravings, a struggle with behaviors, and emotional extremes. It varies on the individual and is a process found as the brain tries to heal.

We have seen a relapse happen too often to individuals who have become complacent in their recovery program. But this is not the time to feel like the program or effort has failed. It is a time for action to reevaluate the recovery plan, and if needed receive additional care.

A solid starting point is a long-term drug rehab program. It is through the continuing care and recovery efforts that we take what was developed in treatment and further establish it with long-term support in a home community. There are many options to discuss and take advantage of when it comes to continuing care after treatment. These things are a part of the personalized care offered at Cirque. Counselors and our aftercare coordinator will walk each client and family through appropriate options to continue the efforts of sobriety.

We also provide our residents and graduates of our addiction treatment program with privileges and services to help them maintain sober living. We encourage alumni to always return and guest with us before relapsing. The lifetime guesting privilege allows the former resident to return to our drug rehab facility for a few days and get refocused on recovery.

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