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Drug Rehab Program

Finding the right drug rehab program can be quite an undertaking.

Because individuals have different needs, backgrounds and struggles, different treatment approaches might be needed. There are also considerations depending on the severity of your addiction, what you are addicted to and if you are dealing with any co-occurring mental health concerns. This article looks to answer some of the general questions that may exist when it comes to treatment. We hope it provides you with the answers you are seeking.

Drug Rehab Program Overview

What is Drug Detox?

The first intervention or process for drug addiction involves detoxification.

This is typically a medical procedure for stabilizing someone addicted to drugs and treating them for withdrawal. The length of drug detox does vary on several factors including how long it takes a person to stabilize, the type of substance they were abusing (some drugs take longer than others), and how long a person has been abusing the substance. Usually, it can take a day or two. For more serious cases of dependency or substance abuse, it can take longer.

Do I need it? If you have been abusing drugs up to the point of going to rehab, typically it is yes. If you have been able to get yourself off of drugs before treatment, you may not need it. Still, a medical assessment is primarily performed before admission to determine if you need detoxification.

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What is Involved in Treatment or Rehab?

Studies have shown that it takes many approaches or interventions to treat the disease of addiction.

There are also many principles involved in effective treatment. Here are a few examples of what is involved in a drug rehab program to help with addiction.

  1. Personalized Therapy
    Many of your own personal struggles in life and with drugs need to be addressed…well, personally. If you are dealing with a lot of drama, family things, fear, anger, or similar behavioral issues, group sessions may not be the best time to work through these things. You will find that most inpatient addiction treatment programs will offer sessions of personal therapy. At Cirque, we provide multiple sessions with a Master’s level therapist each week. It can be the right type of environment for hashing out a lot of the personal struggles that have pushed you into self-medication and dependency.
  2. Educational Elements
    Rehab will help you to answer a lot of questions when it comes to addiction. Questions like: ‘what is addiction?’, ‘how come it happened to me?’ and ‘what can I do about it?’ In rehab, you will learn a lot; about addiction and a great deal about yourself. Educational elements come in many forms. It can be talk sessions, workshops, lectures, and recovery-based classes. Recovery-oriented treatments will teach you all about things like the 12-step program and strategies for sober living.
  3. Group Elements
    In addition to personalized care, group therapies have shown to be an effective approach to treating alcohol and drug addiction. It helps with communication and accountability. It also provides an invaluable support structure for the rehabilitation and recovery process. Recovery is not always so easy and it can be helpful to have someone in this capacity to give and receive support from. Group can cover specific topics or focus on a specific individual to process.
  4. Dual Diagnosis or Co-occurring Treatments
    Some estimates state that about 60% of those that have a substance use disorder are also dealing with a co-occurring mental health concern. Drug rehabilitation programs also should involve treatment for these types of disorders. We still refer to this as “dual diagnosis.” Modern terminology calls this “co-occurring disorder treatment.” It involves diagnosing mental-health conditions, providing appropriate medications if needed, and integrating therapies to help with both aspects of addiction and disorder. Personalized therapy and aftercare also are involved in providing support and programs for co-occurring conditions.
  5. Behavioral Modification – Life Skills
    Drug addiction creates significant changes in mind, emotion, and behavior. Once in rehab, one must learn how to live again, without resorting to the familiar and destructive behaviors while under the influence. The ways you learn these skills can depend on the rehab program undertaken. At Cirque, we utilize an experiential program as a part of treatment. It involves a number of indoor and outdoor recreational aspects that help you to reconnect with your body, mind, and especially your spirit. The life skills developed in treatment are also effective strategies of relapse prevention for the recovery process.
  6. Continuing Care Programs
    Recovery is a life-long process. In the spectrum of things, your time in rehab is merely the start of it all. When you are in treatment you get clean & sober, you learn what it takes to stay that way. Typically treatment and the recovery process are extended through continuing outpatient and other recovery care programs. This is often referred to as “aftercare.” We work with each resident prior to leaving addiction treatment in developing a continuing care plan to support their early recovery. This can involve sober living, a sober companion, drug monitoring and testing, outpatient therapies, and active involvement in a 12-step fellowship. We also have an active alumni program with Guesting Privileges to keep former clients connected to the place they got sober. We invite you to learn more about what to do after drug rehabilitation.

How Long Should a Drug Rehab Program be?

Another principle to effective treatment is that an individual receives care over a sufficient amount of time.

Now, this is a disease that affects individuals differently, so what is adequate time in drug addiction treatment for one may not be the best approach for another. The standard in the industry is usually 90-days or 3 months. This can involve a 30-day inpatient program and then supportive outpatient treatments or sober living. It can be 90-days all spent in inpatient or outpatient programs. A treatment provider should be able to give you a professional assessment on how long you should be in treatment and what you need for long-term drug rehab.

At our facility. primary care and continuing care begin with a 30-day program. In most cases, residents will extend beyond that to 60, 90 or greater rehab stays. Residents are always working with a primary counselor on their recovery process. The counselor is always available to talk about extending treatment and options for continuing the recovery process. We also hold daily 12-step meetings at our Studio facility and weekly aftercare meetings for alumni to assist them with long-term support for recovery.

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Where is Cirque Lodge Located?

The Lodge is located above the world-renowned Sundance Ski resort owned by Robert Redford.

This residential facility houses private and semi-private rooms for residents seeking the ultimate in privacy. The Studio is a 100,000 square foot facility located minutes away at the mouth of Provo Canyon. This facility also houses many elements of experiential therapy, including the world’s largest indoor ropes course. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to providing the most effective drug rehab experience for residents.

Treatment for the many types of drugs or alcohol abuse is accomplished at both facilities. It is carried out through a caring and effective program. The Studio is situated on a private gated estate with over twelve beautifully landscaped acres. It includes a pasture and horse arena, where much of the equine therapy is conducted. One advantage to our facilities and addiction treatment program is the remoteness of our location. We invite anyone in need of healing for drugs and addiction to come to the mountains and find recovery.

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Cirque Lodge offers a combination of experiential, behavioral, and group therapies to provide a holistic and enriching treatment experience.

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