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Calling a Drug Rehab Center – Asking Questions

It can seem a little overwhelming when you are looking into programs for yourself or your loved one.

Calling a drug rehab center directly can be a good way to learn about what is offered. It can greatly benefit you to be a questioning consumer when contacting providers about their services.

The rehab program is prepared to answer your questions regarding the addiction care that they provide. In learning more about these services you are more educated and prepared on deciding where to go for help, or where to send your loved one. Residential programs can vary and asking questions can help you to better understand them.

Treatment Approaches

Treatment Approaches

There are a number of treatments and facilities out there that provide drug rehabilitation services. Programs provide different types of treatments depending on the facility and licensure. When calling a program, it can help to ask basic questions about their program, whether medical services are offered and about personalized care. A number of addiction centers are also dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder facilities. This means care is provided for mental health issues in conjunction with therapy for addictions. This can be a benefit for those struggling with co-occurring disorders or those that could be diagnosed as having such.

Questions to Ask:

  • What is involved in your program?
  • What is treatment based on?
  • Do you offer personalized care?
  • Does your program involve individualized therapy sessions? How many per week? Per rehabilitation stay?
  • Are you a dual diagnosis program?
  • What about medical services?
Licensing, Accreditation and Recommendations

Licensing, Accreditation and Recommendations

It can also help to ask an outside addiction or medical professional about the provider.

It cannot hurt to ask around about treatment facilities from other professionals that they work with. The best of providers will have positive recommendations from other professionals. A quality rehabilitation program also has proper licensure, some have healthcare accreditation. These are things that can help you in searching for proper care for you or that person you care about.

Questions to Ask:

  • Are you licensed?
  • Is your facility accredited?
  • Are your counselors or therapists licensed?
  • Is there someone outside your organization, a referent, I can talk to about your facility?
Other Things to Consider

Other Things to Consider

Inpatient vs. Outpatient – The first decision should be about the type of rehabilitation to address your needs. Inpatient treatment is going to provide a facility and a bed to stay in. Inpatient programs also offer a controlled environment and around-the-clock staffing. Outpatient centers allow the individual to maintain a work/home life while undertaking treatment. One should determine what is best for the individual in question when it comes to the mode of care.

Length of Care – Overcoming the struggles of chemical dependency can take time and one of the principles of effective treatment is that an adequate amount of care is provided in a rehabilitation type of setting. Because of this, most inpatient programs can focus on a 90-day program, based on the positive outcomes that this length has shown. You should ask the provider about the length of the program.

In addition, measures should be taken to assist with transition after treatment, when relapse possibility is quite high. This is known as aftercare or continuing care and can involve sober living, drug monitoring, a sponsor or sober companion. It may be a benefit to ask about what types of aftercare programs are provided as a part of addiction treatment.

Do not Get Caught Up in Success Rates – Many facilities go to great lengths to advertise and boast success rates. Unfortunately, a lot of times these numbers are not accurate or are qualified in some way. It is always best to ask questions about what is offered from the facility and not just focus on the percentage of success that is boasted on a web site.

An Answer to Your Questions

An Answer to Your Questions

At Cirque Lodge, we look forward to your call.

A member of our admissions staff will answer any and all of your questions over the phone and can even offer an assessment. Even if we are not the place for you or your loved one, we are more than happy to point you in the right direction of an appropriate program to fit your needs. Do you need help with an intervention? We can help you there as well. A member of our staff serves on the board of directors of Intervention Specialists. He can gauge your needs and match you with the right intervention professional.

We are health care accredited by the Joint Commission, which holds us to a higher standard of clinical care and services for our clients. To us, it is a benchmark to supplying the very best in a caring and compassionate program. If it is time to get proper help for alcoholism or drug abuse, do your due diligence in finding the best care for yourself or your loved one. By asking the right questions you can find the solution to addiction through a professional facility. If you need a place to start, we always encourage you to give us a call.

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