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Everyone’s experience of addiction is different, and it is important to find the rehab program that best suits you. The first step in finding an inpatient treatment center for you or your loved one is to do a little research.

You can look into the programs that each facility offers and contact them for more information, and it can help to ask for a reference about the center from another professional.

Finding the Right Rehab Center

Finding the Right Rehab Center

Every rehab facility offers a different addiction treatment experience.

Research by the National Institute of Drug Abuse shows that the most effective rehabilitation programs provide an individualized approach that treats the person as a whole.

Rehab Center Facilities

Rehab Center Facilities

Cirque Lodge offers some of the most luxurious and exclusive inpatient rehab facilities in the United States.

You will find our two facilities, The Lodge and The Studio, nestled in the spectacular Rocky Mountains. The breathtaking yet tranquil surroundings are the perfect place to relax and reconnect with your mind, body, and soul.

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a holistic recovery experience that includes enriching activities that help you develop and reinforce skills to overcome your addiction. You can participate in a variety of activities designed to help you find the inspiration you need to pursue the path to long term recovery.

Rehab Duration

Rehab Duration

The causes of addiction are complex and may be deep-rooted, and overcoming addiction can require intensive and focused treatment. It also requires time.

For many people, treatment needs to be longer than a couple of weeks. The length of your stay is important, and 30 day or 90-day programs are often necessary for effective recovery. Studies have shown that longer, 90-day treatment programs give you a better chance of maintaining sobriety.

Recovery is a lifelong process, and addiction treatment does not end when you leave the center. At Cirque Lodge, our continuing care program offers a long-term approach that guides you through the following years.

Our continuing care involves connecting you with support groups, online or in your local area. We may connect you with outpatient programs to support you in the transition back to everyday life. You can also join our alumni program to share your knowledge with others and stay connected to the place you became sober.

Treatment Program

Treatment Program

Effective drug treatment requires an individualized approach that treats the entire person.

At Cirque Lodge, we begin with an in-depth assessment of your physical and mental needs. We identify any underlying conditions and co-occurring disorders that may contribute to your addiction. With this knowledge, we design a personal treatment plan to help you heal your body, mind, and spirit.

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer a range of different types of treatment.

Our treatment approaches include:



The 12-Steps is one of the most well-known and effective substance abuse treatment programs in the world.

Developed by Alcoholic Anonymous almost 100 years ago, it is connected with a community of over 2 million people worldwide.

The 12-Steps focus on spiritual development and the healing power of helping one another. Following the steps offers a road map for overcoming addiction and maintaining abstinence in the years ahead.

At Cirque Lodge, the 12-Steps underpin our entire treatment program. You will explore them in personal therapy sessions and reinforce the skills you learn in experiential therapy. This provides a cohesive but holistic healing process to suit each individual’s needs.

The 12-Steps Program is structured around support groups. You work through the 12-Steps with a sponsor, learning from and helping each other throughout the process. Once you leave the center, you can join 12-Steps Peer Support meetings locally or online. This can be a valuable tool for maintaining abstinence in the years ahead.

Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

Alongside individual and group therapy sessions, Cirque Lodge provides experiential therapy where you can develop your skills through enriching activities.

The Studios facilities include a high ropes course, an indoor and outdoor arena for equine therapy, and an art studio.

There is no inpatient addiction treatment experience like it in the United States.

The Benefits of Residential Rehab

The Benefits of Residential Rehab

Residential programs offer many advantages over outpatient programs.

In residential rehab, you have the chance to gain a fresh perspective and start your life over again. Some other benefits include:

Focus and Immersion

Recovering from addiction is not easy. The causes of addiction are complicated and often come from deep within us. Recovery may involve treating other underlying mental disorders or overcoming behaviors that you have developed over many years.

Overcoming substance use disorder requires focus, energy, and dedication. Healing is a holistic process that involves reconnecting with your body, mind, and spirit.

In the commotion of everyday life, it is hard to find the mental space and strength to devote to your recovery.

At Cirque Lodge, you are removed from the distractions of ordinary life so you can concentrate on your recovery experience. The surrounding mountains provide a tranquil and peaceful environment so you can fully engage in your treatment sessions, and the spectacular natural scenery offers inspiration for your journey ahead.

24-Hour Medical Support

Some parts of the healing process will feel easier than others, and there will inevitably be challenging times ahead. You will most likely still experience urges to use drugs or alcohol long after the detoxification, and these urges can come at any time of day and night.

During inpatient addiction treatment, there is 24-hour medical care to help you through these challenges. Whether you need medication, therapy, or just someone to talk to, our professional team is always available, and this support can be invaluable in avoiding relapse and paving the way to life-long recovery.

Sharing with Others

Developing healthy and supportive relationships is crucial to the recovery process. We can share knowledge, learn from each other’s experiences and spiritually heal through helping one another.

Both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs usually involve group therapy sessions; however, you can build deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you in inpatient programs. You may form life-long friendships with others that provide mutual support throughout your recovery journey.

Routine and Structure

Structured daily routines are an important part of recovering from substance use disorder. The daily routines you practice at residential rehab can help you structure your everyday life in healthy ways, laying the foundations for a successful long-term recovery.

At Cirque Lodge, your day typically begins at 8:30 am with breakfast. You then take part in mediation, a chapel service, and a 12 Step-based meeting. After lunch, you can participate in therapy, experiential activities, spend time with your family members, or simply relax. The day ends at 11 pm each evening.

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