Lodge Facility, Sundance Utah

The Lodge itself is an exquisitely decorated mountain retreat with tastefully appointed rooms and amenities for those in need of the finest in alcohol and drug rehab treatment. It is warm and luxurious accommodations provides what we believe to be the ideal place for healing and recovery.

The Lodge facility is in our estimation the finest drug and alcohol treatment facility located anywhere in any country, nestled in the majestic mountains surrounding Sundance. The fact that the Lodge Facility is nestled in the majestic mountains surrounding Sundance, Utah puts it over the top. The panoramic windows of our Lodge offer beautiful views of the imposing glacier  Cascade Cirque, glacier fed waterfalls, year round snowfields and of course the Sundance Ski Resort.

The Lodge sits at the base of majestic Mount Timpanogos in the Cascade Range of the Wasatch. Deer, elk, and moose are our neighbors, and it is not uncommon to hear or see them wandering near or even through the Lodge property.

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Accomodations

The Lodge accommodates 16 residents in our adult residential drug and alcohol treatment program. In addition, the “Lookout”, situated adjacent to our Lodge facility can accommodate another 3 residents. Each room is wonderfully appointed and has its own private bath which includes a jetted tub and shower. Beautiful slate tile adorns the floors, sinks, and showers. The bedrooms have their own heating, assuring personal comfort for each resident during their stay. There is a mix of private accommodations as well as shared rooms and all rooms have a view of the surrounding mountains.

Upon entering the Lodge, one immediately focuses on the magnificent log spiral staircase, crafted by local artisans, ascending three floors to the Cirque Meditation Room. A bronze of the Last of the Mohicans compliments our foyer and pays tribute to powerful medicine of the mountain. The Timpanogos Room, with its two magnificent stone fireplaces and two-story raised ceiling provides an atmosphere of warmth and healing for an effective drug and alcohol treatment environment.

When we come to treatment for our addictive behavior, it is typically a very difficult process and we are usually coming from very difficult circumstances. The Lodge facility provides a private, caring and compassionate place to address such circumstances.  The facility and the venue give the residents a new outlook, a sense of dignity and a renewed hope. No expense was spared in creating this warm and caring addiction treatment environment.

The Cirque Lodge Facility Provides a Private, Caring and Compassionate Place.

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Cirque Lodge offers a combination of experiential, behavioral, and group therapies to provide a holistic and enriching treatment experience.

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