Dear Family Members, Friends and Colleagues,

We would like to take a moment to invite you to participate in our Virtual Cirque Lodge Family Program. Existing research has shown that addicts and alcoholics whose family members have participated in the treatment process have better outcomes and less recidivism than those who did not have family involvement. Ordinarily this program would be an onsite, in person experience, but with our ever-expanding steps to respond to COVID-19 we have shifted the program online, wherein you may watch live lectures and participate in group and family counseling sessions.

Our family program typically runs from Tuesday through Friday. Dates for these family weeks are listed below.

2024 Family Program Dates

1/9/24 to 1/12/24

1/30/24 to 2/2/24

2/20/24 to 2/23/24

3/12/24 to 2/15/24

4/2/24 to 4/5/24

4/23/24 to 4/26/24

5/14/24 to 5/17/24

6/4/24 to 6/7/24

6/25/24 to 6/28/24

7/16/24 to 7/19/24

8/6/24 to 8/9/24

8/27/24 to 8/30/24

9/17/24 to 9/20/24

10/8/24 to 10/11/24

10/29/24 to 11/1/24

11/19/24 to 11/22/24

12/10/24 to 12/13/24

12/31/24 to 1/3/25

Virtual family week will begin with two live and interactive sessions via Zoom which will be facilitated by Primary Counselors.  These sessions are designed to introduce family members to the principles and ideas that will be expounded upon throughout family week programming.  Please reserve Tuesday morning from 10:00am to 12:30pm (Mountain Time) for this opportunity. (Zoom links provided below) 

For the remainder of our family week lectures, we have provided links for previously recorded live streamed meetings and workshops available through a private YouTube channel.  You may watch these at your own convenience by clicking the links below.  Please view the Disease Concept lecture first. Speak to your loved one’s counselor about how to prioritize the other lectures. As you watch, please keep notes on any questions that you may have and email them to  We will have a live and interactive Q&A with these questions on Friday morning at 10:00am (Mountain Time).  (Zoom link provided below)

Family members will also be able to participate in the individual and group therapy sessions via Zoom.  Your loved one’s counselor will send links for the Zoom sessions or private family work and the family process group work. For group sessions, please contact your loved one’s counselor to identify when your family will process with the group.

Program Schedule (All Times Are Mountain Time)



  • 11:00am    Family Process Group – Scheduled with your loved one’s counselor


  • 1:30pm      Family Process Group – Scheduled with your loved one’s counselor



Here are the most important points to clarify:

Tuesday Program Schedule




10:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Family Intro Groups


11:15 AM

Studio Session


6:00 PM

Family Support Group 


Thursday Schedule




1:30 PM –
4:00 PM

Family Process Group w/ Resident


Wednesday Program Schedule




11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Family Process Group w/ Resident


Friday Schedule



10:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Q&A Session

1:30 PM –
3:00 PM

Family Process Group w/ Resident



Lecture Links

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