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Family Program – Multi-Systemic Drug and Alcohol Rehab

To facilitate and enhance the healing process, Cirque Lodge involves family members and loved ones in the treatment of residents.

Family involvement is both an effective and integral part to the drug and alcohol rehab center, as well as the recovery process.

Family involvement takes place in several areas,we involve the families prior to admission by collecting information about their loved ones history .

Secondly, families can be and often are involved in weekly therapy sessions with their loved one, facilitated by their master-level therapist.

Families are also asked to attend our 4-day family program. We often say, “You will come for your loved one, but you will stay for yourself.”

What To Expect When Your Loved One Enters Treatment

When a loved one comes to Cirque for alcohol or drug issues, family members are called immediately upon admission to assure the family that your loved has arrived safely. Typically you will get a call from the primary therapist in the first 72-hours so they can introduce themselves and hopefully get a history about your perception of why your loved one is in care.

The first 72-hours of your loved one’s care is dedicated to assessments and treatment evaluations at Cirque Lodge. Family members are then, with their loved one’s permission brought into the treatment process either through phone sessions or through weekly face to face sessions. We believe there is more traction gained with family than at any other portion of our alcohol or drug rehab program.

Family Program

As we mentioned above the Cirque Lodge Family Program is in our belief the most powerful aspect of healing and recovery in addiction treatment. Family members are deeply influenced by their loved one’s drinking, using, or co-occurring disorders.

Family Week is held every three weeks. It begins on Tuesday with family introductions and the finest lecture concerning addiction as a disease available in drug rehab today. The week is made up of multi-systemic group therapy, individual session and experiential workshops. Our admissions department has more information on the schedule for upcoming Family Weeks.

Aspects Discussed in Family Programming Are:

  • Meditation
  • Enabling
  • Codependency
  • Alcohol and Substance abuse as a disease
  • Family Aspects
  • 12-step Program
  • Continuing Care
  • Self-Care

Family Week


Lectures and workshops during our Family Week are intended to provide those involved with the knowledge needed to put fight this disease. Family members are made aware of what alcoholism or drug addiction is, as well as what it does to the brain and to our behaviors.

Each day the Family Program at Cirque Lodge consists of different educational concepts to help the family better understand how to appropriately help our loved one, to avoid enabling, and to assist in the healing process.


Multi-systemic family group and individual therapy sessions with client’s and their families are scheduled during the program for those in attendance. Our caring and compassionate master therapists work with the family members to establish effective communication skills but it is a very powerful and necessary piece for both healing and recovery. We believe unequivocally that the therapy program offered during our Family Week is quite simply the best in the addiction treatment industry.

A family in recovery will grow and heal together.

Experiential Aspects

During Family Week, time is set aside for the family to take part in different experiential challenges and activities. Many of the activities teach us lessons way beyond an addiction issue. They are often the lessons of life.

Family In Recovery

A family in recovery will grow and heal together. It is inevitable. When a loved one completes addiction treatment they are like a train rolling down the track. Likewise, family members gain the same momentum by taking part.

There are many support groups for the families. Groups such as Al-anon/ Alateen provide a 12-step approach to living life.

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Cirque Lodge offers a combination of experiential, behavioral, and group therapies to provide a holistic and enriching treatment experience.

If you or a loved one is suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, please contact us today. We can help.