We understand the anxiety family members experience

We would like to thank you for entrusting your loved one to the care of Cirque Lodge. We know it is not an easy decision, and there is probably not much we can outline in any way that will put your mind at ease. Rest assured that at Cirque Lodge, your loved one will be given the love, support, and therapeutic assistance they need to begin the journey of recovery.

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer indoor therapy and exhilarating outdoor activities aimed at healing the entire person.

We understand the anxiety family members experience during the early part of treatment. While your loved one is in care and getting attention for their needs, you are home and often with many unanswered questions. It is our hope that the information below will help ease any fear or insecurity as you also start the process of healing and recovery.

Below we have outlined some of what to expect while your loved one is in care with us, as well as ways to stay in contact.


Contact With Your Loved One

Your loved one will be assigned a primary therapist who oversees the treatment program. Upon admission you will receive the contact information of this therapist so you can stay in touch. Also your loved one will be assigned a resident ID number which we use to maintain confidential contact at our facility.

We work on a call back system so to contact your loved one, you will need to call our main number, and be prepared to give the resident ID number. We will take a message that will be given to your loved one who can then return the phone call when they are not in session. We will have your loved one for a very short period of time so we try not to interrupt any therapeutic sessions with phone calls or visits. With that being said, if there is an emergency of any kind let us know, we will get your loved one the phone as soon as possible.

Contact With Your Loved One

What To Expect and Frequently Asked Questions

Upon Arrival:

We will contact you once your loved one has arrived at the facility. Upon arrival he/she will meet with our nurse to check their vital signs, submit a toxicology screen, and ultimately determine which level of care is best suited for their needs.


If your loved one is admitted to our Detox Unit, rest assured that they are being well taken care of by a talented group of nurses and physicians. During the detox process your loved one will have limited access to phones. There are many assessments to finish during this period and often the clients are not in the best of condition to really be talking to anyone. Pending a release of information being signed on your behalf by the resident, you will receive daily updates from our admissions department during the detox period.

First Days of Treatment – Phone Contact

During the first 72 hours of treatment, we ask our clients to refrain from making any phone calls. We use this time to have clients acclimate, engage and hopefully become enmeshed in our program and with the resident community. You may leave messages for your loved one during this time. After the 72 hours has elapsed, your loved one will be able to call during assigned times.

Therapist Contact – Your loved one’s primary therapist will contact you within 72 hours after arrival to begin discussion of treatment goals and to glean pertinent information in regard to your loved one’s use history. Again this is all pending that they have consented and signed the proper releases. Following the initial contact, the primary therapist will contact you with updates on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

What To Expect During Treatment

During the first weeks in treatment your loved one will begin to feel better physically. It is common, during the first 5-10 days, for them to feel they, and the family have “over reacted” to their drug and alcohol issues. “They are not nearly as sick as the other residents.” Some may feel they can come home and control their use of alcohol/drugs or not use at all. This is a crucial time in treatment because clients will focus on the minutiae rather than the fact that they have a life threatening illness and have devastated most of their surrounding environs.

The truth is they are simply having significant drug or alcohol cravings and are loathe admitting it. We strive to minimize the distractions in treatment and we have built one of the best reputations for treatment. However be prepared for the complaint that would preclude them from being able to finish their treatment stay. It is very important that families and the treatment team are united during this treatment process. If at any time you feel you need support in communicating with your loved one, please contact their primary therapist by phone or email.

Family Program / Taking Care of Yourself

As your loved one has embarked on a journey into recovery, this is a good time to start working on your own recovery. “A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.” Going to Al-Anon meetings, seeing a therapist, and researching the problem, will help you gain insight to the disease of Addiction/Alcoholism, how this has affected you and your family, and what you can do about it.

Cirque Lodge Family Program is in our belief, the most powerful aspect of healing and recovery in addiction treatment. Family members are deeply influenced by their loved one’s drinking, using, and mental health disorders. Family dynamics are usually an influential aspect to your loved one’s abuse, or recovery from drugs or alcohol. Our Family Program helps explore, address, and deal with these concerns during a 4-day period of multi-systemic family therapy. “Family Week” is held every 3 weeks regardless of holidays. You will receive an email from our STAR Program with Family Week dates, hotel information and the family week schedule. You can also access the information on our Family Program page.

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