Three Days Grace performed a free recovery concert for those in drug rehab at Cirque Lodge. Nearly 500 members of the local community in recovery attended as well. The night started off with great music from Three Days Grace followed by Q and A with the lead singer in the band (Adam Gontier) who is in recovery himself. He shared his personal story of how he overcame his drug addictions and now enjoys a life of sobriety. Cirque Lodge is a leading alcohol and drug rehab program dedicated to helping individuals overcome their addictions. Cirque Lodge would like to thank all those involved for helping make this night a great success.

Press Release
Three Days Grace 2 “This world will never be what I expected. And if I don’t belong, who would’ve guessed it? It’s not too late. It’s never too late”- Adam Gontier (“Never Too Late” from the album One-X)

It’s no secret that Adam Gontier, singer of platinum alt rock band Three Days Grace, has been through a lot in his life. Just listen to any of the lyrics he’s written on his first 2 worldwide releases from Jive Records. Each song exudes hurt, pain, loneliness, and angst. But so do the lyrics of the other 4 rock bands that accompany Three Days Grace in the Top 5 on rock radio. And so do the lyricists of all the rock and roll greats to come before Adam Gontier. So what makes Adam’s story any different? Adam Gontier of Three Days Grace doesn’t just write about how he overcame his struggle with inner demons, he gives kids a reason to do the same.

Three Days Grace 1 “If you were given the opportunity to turn your life around, if someone looked you in the face when you had no hope left and said- ‘This is it my friend. Your grace period is almost up. You have three days to do something to turn your life around. Three days to put down that bottle, throw away those pills, make your amends, and move forward with living. What would you do? How would you use your Three Days of Grace?”
This is the message Adam and the rest of the members of Three Days Grace are giving adolescents across America on their Three Days to Change tour. The band is playing for thousands of adolescents and young adults in a variety of treatment centers during the summer to spread their message. Through his live performances and Q & A’s, Adam takes his audience through the dark internal journey of an addict coming clean, and then explains what he did to turn his life around and find hope. Three Days Grace is giving back to the community that saved them. Adam is showing the patients in these treatment centers that someone understands. He sings to the thousands of struggling adolescents across the US: Three Days Grace 5Three Days Grace

“You’re sick of feeling numb/you’re not the only one/ I’ll take you by the hand/ and I’ll show you a world that you can understand”- Pain

You have a chance to make something of the life you’ve been given. Here is your Three Days of Grace.

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