Treatment Overview

Effective drug and alcohol treatment must address the whole person. At Cirque Lodge, we understand that there are many causes of your addiction. Healing involves working through all of these so you can fully embrace recovery.
Our professional medical experts design the best possible treatment plan for your unique circumstances. Our plans include experiential therapy, individual and group therapy, support sessions, and family programs underpinned by the 12-steps.
Situated in the beautiful scenery of the Rocky Mountains, Cirque Lodge is the perfect place for you to learn new skills in a peaceful and comfortable environment. 
Our experiential activities, including equine therapy and mountain hiking, help you reinforce what you learn in therapy sessions. You will reconnect with your mind, soul, and body as you make the journey to life-long recovery.
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Our treatment approaches include:

Group therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Over time, alcohol and drug addiction change the way you think, feel, and behave. You develop specific thought and behavior patterns that trigger you to use drugs or alcohol. Cognitive -Behavioral Therapy (CBT) works by identifying and changing these patterns. It also helps you build coping mechanisms to deal with negative thoughts and emotions healthily.

National Institute of Drug Abuse research has found that skills learned through cognitive behavioral therapies remain with the individual long after their residential treatment has ended.

Healthy daily routines are an essential part of our treatment process and long-term recovery. At Cirque Lodge, you have the opportunity to develop routines in a magnificent part of the world. After you leave our center, you will continue to appreciate the natural joys of life in your everyday routines.

“Our luxury facilities, situated in the spectacular Rocky Mountains, are the perfect place to overcome your addiction.”

Experiential Therapy

Situated in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains, Cirque Lodge is the perfect place to take part in experiential therapy. Experiential therapy helps you strengthen skills you learn in other parts of the treatment program through physical activities. It also gives you the chance to revive your mind, body, and spirit as you engage in incredible experiences.

Some of the experiences we offer are:

  • Equine therapy in an indoor and outdoor arena
  • A high ropes course
  • Helicopter rides at 10,000 feet to the most remote parts of the Rocky Mountains
  • Mountain hikes

At Cirque Lodge, we take full advantage of our unique and breathtaking scenery and hold many outside sessions. The healing properties of nature work in harmony with our therapeutic program and help you engage in therapy at a deeper level.

Being active is a potent tool in recovery, and experiential therapy is healing in many different ways. Different activities help support your recovery process as they reinforce skills with your body and mind. Many of the experiences will be unforgettable and will continue to inspire you on your journey to recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis

Many people who have a substance use disorder also have another mental health illness.  Co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety are often the driving force behind drug or alcohol addiction.

You may have had another condition before your addiction developed, or it may have developed as a result of the drug abuse.

SAMHSA found that almost half of the people with a substance abuse disorder have another mental illness.

Addiction treatment is most effective when these co-occurring disorders are treated as well. Healing these disorders prevents the same thoughts and coping behaviors from driving you to drug use.

Treatment At Cirque Lodge Recovery Is Possible

At Cirque Lodge Recovery Is Possible

Our state-of-the-art facilities offer indoor therapy and exhilarating outdoor activities aimed at healing the entire person.
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Group Therapy

Group therapy helps you build healthy relationships with others and communicate honestly. At Cirque Lodge, we work in groups in the therapy rooms and during experiential activities.

Listening to others’ stories and sharing your own experience helps you see that you are not alone in your addiction, and you begin to create an invaluable support network that continues to grow as you go on your journey. After you leave our treatment center, it is important that you keep attending group meetings. There are always groups and support programs local to you or online to provide help when you need it.

Psychoeducational Lectures

In our psychoeducation sessions, you will better understand your addiction. We base our sessions on evidence-based research around biology, psychology, and recovery processes.

You will learn more about the nature of addiction and the disease model, the reality of relapse, and the things you can do to help prevent it.

At Cirque Lodge, we offer engaging lectures and workshops led by our professional and experienced team. We also host visiting experts who join us to share their specialized knowledge with you. This combined knowledge provides invaluable learnings and tools that you can apply as you continue on your recovery journey.

Treatment Psychoeducational Lectures
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Family and Marital Sessions

Cirque Lodge’s Family Therapy Program is one of the most important parts of our addiction treatment experience. We dedicate four days of every three-week program to therapy sessions for the whole family.

During Family Week, we invite the whole family to our treatment center to learn how they can best support their loved ones in the recovery process. You learn about how addiction affects the entire family and develop the skills you need to help a family member overcome their addiction.

Our therapy also aims to heal the family as a whole and repair relationships between loved ones. We understand that addiction is damaging to all family members. Part of recovery is righting our wrongs – we will help you do this.

If you cannot come to the center during Family Week while your loved one is staying with us, you can still come at any time after they have left.

A 12-Step Experience

The 12-steps is a spiritual program that was created almost 100 years ago. It is one of the most trusted and effective treatment programs for recovering from addiction. For many, the steps represent the foundation of a new way of life.

The 12-steps is a powerful tool for coping with addiction, healing relationships, and embracing a life without drugs or alcohol.

At Cirque Lodge, we use the 12-steps method throughout our substance abuse treatment program. The 12-steps bolster our behavioral and experiential therapies – you will see the strength of asking for help and helping others as you focus on your spiritual development.

12-step Peer Support is an international program. Meetings are free to attend, and you can access them over the internet. The 12-step program is the perfect resource to support your recovery after leaving our center, wherever you may be.

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Continuing Care

Our treatment does not end when you leave the center. Our medically trained professionals design an aftercare plan specifically for you, and we connect you with support groups and networks who continue to guide you in the recovery process, wherever you may be.

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