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Getting Help for Addiction Through a Rehab Center

Getting help for addiction through a rehab center can be a life-saving measure for some.

The abuse of drugs can escalate into a critical case. Even if the individual wishes to stop, most times they cannot without a professional. Making the call to a drug treatment program can be the start of getting a loved one the help they deserve. Cirque Lodge is one such exclusive rehab facility. We offer private treatment in the mountains and a life-changing experience. Call today for immediate help, 1-800-582-0709.

One of the aspects of inpatient addiction treatment facilities is to surround the addict/alcoholic with care and with needed support. Overcoming an addiction is not an easy process and individuals can be coming from very difficult situations when they come to rehab. Loving support can be a foundation for healing and for beginning a recovery process. By this means a stay in a rehab center becomes less like a punishment and more like a caring way out of the addiction mess.

Individual Help for Addiction

Individual Help for Addiction

Addiction therapies are used to analyze personal things.

Sometimes the abuse of drugs is just one part of a much greater emotional or psychological concern. The drugs can be a way to self-medicate from the struggles of emotional disorders, dealing with past trauma, the loss of a loved one, or other grievance. Personal one-on-one therapies can be a platform for discussing these concerns and for developing coping strategies for dealing with them. In looking for a drug treatment provider, it is positive to find a program that focuses on individualized treatment.

For individuals who are dealing with emotional health disorders like depression or anxiety in addition to alcoholism or drug abuse, a dual diagnosis facility can be of great benefit. Many drug rehab centers offer a dual diagnosis or co-occurring treatment. Behavioral health disorders are common in those that struggle with chemical dependency. A dual diagnosis program offers treatment, care, and recovery for both the addiction and disorder. Addicts can be unaware that they have such a disorder. Proper diagnosis again helps to treat the individual for those underlying things that can have a heavy hand in the abuse of substances.

Rehabilitation Help for Addiction

Rehabilitation Help for Addiction

There are a number of effective approaches to treating addiction.

Part of the alcohol or drug treatment process is to provide the addict with an understanding of how addiction works. Education comes in different ways in rehab. It will come in workshops, lectures, hands-on activities, and in groups. The purpose is to help the addict to gain an understanding of the impact of addiction and the role of recovery. The education piece depends on the facility and the treatment philosophy that is offered within their care.

Therapy or counseling is also a means of rehabilitating the individual. Alcoholism and drug addiction can be just a part of a much deeper personal problem. Therapy and counseling is put into place to help the individual come to terms with their concerns. These underlying problems can be emotional, family-related and personal. An addiction treatment facility can provide different forms of one-on-one and even family therapies to address these concerns. These therapies are used in conjunction with other drug rehab programs to develop coping strategies and forms of relapse prevention.

Many rehabilitation centers focus on a recovery-oriented system. This is based on many things. One of which is the concept that addiction is a chronic condition or a disease. Recovery-oriented systems also utilize programs like the 12-step model as a form of progress and support. Time spent can be used to introduce these concepts and begin the 12-step process. After treatment is completed, the community of those in recovery becomes involved in building progress and support.

Family Help and Addiction Programs

Family Help and Addiction Programs

Family members of an addict can be deeply affected by their loved one’s behavior.

Also, the family member’s behavior can act as a positive or negative on the addict, whether they are aware of it or not. When that person goes into treatment, it can also be imperative for the family to obtain forms of treatment and support as well. Drug rehabs can offer family programming in conjunction with their treatment piece. Through such programs, family members can gain an understanding and education on how to help their loved ones in addiction recovery.

The loved ones of alcoholics and addicts can also benefit from making progress and having support in their own lives. There are programs available to those who are influenced by addiction, similar to those found in a recovery-oriented system and the 12-steps. Local health and human services programs exist to help families and children of addicts. Such information can be found on the web on community sites. There is also the community of Al-anon and Alateen, supportive programs for the loved ones of alcoholics. Another group of support for the loved ones of addiction is Codependents Anonymous (CoDa). While your loved one is working on recovery in their own way, you too can be involved in your own supportive recovery program.

Drug Rehab Help at Cirque

Drug Rehab Help at Cirque

We offer a nationally recognized treatment center in Sundance and Orem Utah. For individuals getting help for addiction, provided is a complete program for body, mind, and spirit. A unique balance of addiction treatment types, experiential programming, and caring treatment professionals make this place what we believe to be a life-changing experience.

As a 12-step drug rehab center, residents begin the process of recovery. This is found not only through an introduction to these steps but also through a spiritual program and activities intended to create vital and personal experiences. We are considered to be among the very best in alcohol and drug treatment facilities. You may call us at any time for answers to your questions and to determine if this is the right facility for you or your loved one.

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