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Recovery from an alcohol or drug addiction is a long process that requires many different kinds of care.

It involves identifying the thought patterns, behaviors, and habits that cause your addiction. It requires you to develop new skills to change bad habits to healthy ones and maintain new habits in the years that follow.

All of these steps require support. At Cirque Lodge, our professional therapists and counselors work with you throughout the rehabilitation process. We assess your individual needs and provide you with the most effective treatment program.

We help you build strong support networks with family and friends and in social and support meeting circles.

This support is fundamental to continuing a life of sobriety once you have left the center.

The recovery process normally begins with detoxification. The next stage is intensive residential treatment at our exclusive rehabilitation center. Situated in the Rocky Mountains, Cirque Lodge offers a combination of different kinds of therapy in spectacular surroundings. You will learn the skills to overcome your addiction and rediscover your love of life.

At the end of your stay, our continuing care program provides you with an individualized aftercare plan. We connect you with weekly support groups to help you maintain abstinence and continue your journey to lifelong recovery.



Detoxification is the process where all traces of drugs or alcohol leave your body.

Detox without the supervision of medical professionals can be extremely uncomfortable and even dangerous. When you suddenly stop using drugs or alcohol, you experience a range of withdrawal symptoms. With certain substances, these symptoms can even be fatal.

At Cirque Lodge, you will detox in specialized private facilities surrounded by medical professionals. Our team will help you manage your symptoms to make the process as comfortable as possible. They may prescribe you other medications to ease withdrawal symptoms if necessary.



Once detox is complete, you will begin the rehabilitation program.

Whilst detox removes all substances and toxins from your body, the impulse to use drugs and alcohol remains.

Treatment for substance use disorder involves identifying the thought patterns and behaviors that cause you to take drugs and developing the skills to change and overcome them.

At Cirque Lodge, we assess your individual needs and design an alcohol or drug treatment plan to suit you. Our treatment and recovery program combines different therapies and support groups to provide you with the most effective treatment.

Our treatment options include:

  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Dual diagnosis
  • Group therapy
  • Psychoeducational lectures
  • Family and marital therapy
  • 12-Step program
  • Continuing care
Experiential Therapy

Experiential Therapy

The causes of drug and alcohol addiction can be deep-rooted and complicated.

It can be hard to change your behaviors and even harder to maintain them. At Cirque Lodge, we use experiential therapy to reinforce the skills you have developed in individual therapy sessions through practical activities.

Located in the great outdoors of the Rocky Mountains, Cirque Lodge is perfectly placed to offer exciting and memorable healing experiences.

Our treatment facilities offer various activities, including horse riding, helicopter rides, a high ropes course, and music workshops. As well as reinforcing new skills, these experiences help you learn resilience and teamwork in a safe and supportive environment.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis

At Cirque Lodge, we recognize the importance of treating co-occurring disorders during the recovery process.

Many people have other mental health conditions that underlie the addiction. You may have had a co-occurring disorder before your addiction began, or substance abuse may have exacerbated it. SAMHSA has found that almost half of people with substance use disorder also have a co-occurring disorder.

If left untreated, a co-occurring disorder may cause you to start retaking the substance even after a short-term recovery. At Cirque Lodge, our dual diagnostic program treats these disorders alongside your addiction to provide a complete healing process.

Family Therapy

At Cirque Lodge, we dedicate our rehab program to the recovery of the whole family. We understand that family relationships are often deeply affected by a substance use disorder. At the same time, family members are often best placed to offer insight into their loved one’s addiction and to offer support in their recovery.

We invite each client’s family to our center for four days every three weeks to participate in Family Week. During Family Week, we help you better understand drug and alcohol addiction and how it affects the family. We explore how you can support each other to heal these relationships as part of the recovery journey.



The 12-Step program is one of the most well-known and effective methods for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction.

It is the foundation of our treatment program and underpins our experiential and behavioral therapies.

The 12-Step recovery program is based on the daily maintenance of a spiritual program. It focuses upon your spiritual development and the strength you gain from helping others.

The 12-Steps emphasizes the importance of support groups as tools for recovery from addiction. Meetings are free and online, so you can attend from wherever you are in the world.

Using the 12-Steps program offers continuity between your recovery experience at Cirque Lodge and the rest of your journey. After you leave our center, you can continue your therapy with regular meetings online or at a place near you.

Continued Care

Continued Care

At Cirque Lodge, we understand your journey to recovery does not end when you leave our treatment center.

Maintaining abstinence from substance use can be challenging and requires additional support.

Before you leave the center, our expert team will design an aftercare program tailored for your needs. We will connect you with local or online resources to help guide you in the coming years. These may include transitional facilities in your local community, mental health services, therapy with a local counselor, or online support groups like 12-Step Peer Support.

The final step of the 12-Step program for recovery from addiction involves staying sober by helping others through the healing process, and becoming a mentor can raise your self-esteem, motivation and give a sense of purpose.

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Recovery Is Possible

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