6 Suggestions for Sober Activity

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Daily planning and activities can be very helpful for those in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction.

Part of any rehabilitation program is to teach individuals how to do this. Also involved in this program is introducing positive sober activities that the recovering alcoholic/addict can utilize to help them through the process. We offer six suggestions or activities that can be a helpful piece to living each day sober.

6 Suggestions for Sober Activity Overview

Prepare for the day

A helpful tool is to plan out each day and prepare for anything that may arise.

A good means of preparation is to take time in the morning to meditate, pray and study out of recovery literature like the Big Book.

Your Journey To Recovery Begins Today

Involve a Friend

Honesty and responsibility are crucial pieces to the recovery process.

When participating in activities or outings it can be quite helpful to involve a sober friend, family member, companion or sponsor in these elements.

Get out, Be Active

Physical activity can be a positive and helps the body produce natural rewards.

There are many ways to get out and be active, whether it is going to the gym, being involved in athletics, having a picnic at the park, or another summer activity it is good to involve exercise and being active.

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We incorporate a lot of the mountain and being surrounded by nature.

Being out in surround of a natural environment does have a number of positives. Involving a natural surrounding does not have to be much. It can be a hike along the mountain trail. It can be a short walk on the beach.

People can even find connection by going fishing, boating, or working out in a garden. The key is to get out into the environment and make connections to a power greater than one’s own.

Attend a Meeting

For those in recovery attending an AA or NA meeting should be a common practice anyway, but on particularly tough days it can be helpful to plan on meetings perhaps you were not going to attend.

Also with attending meetings come responsibilities and opportunities to serve others that can be helpful in the recovery process.

Help Others

“No amount of prayer or meditation can do what helping others can do” (Meher Baba).

Service is a central key to continuing the process of recovery. Service can come in so many ways. It can involve being a sponsor for other AAs. It can be assisting in the community or with youth. It can involve helping out with those in rehabilitation programs. Serving others allows you to share your story, which can greatly help your own resolve for sobriety.

There are many ways and activities that can help each day with sober living. These suggestions are just a few. If there are other ideas that you may have, we would love to hear them.

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