Mental and Spiritual Preparation for Rehab

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2. Mental & Spiritual Preparation

Mental and Spiritual Preparation for Rehab Overview

2.1 Your Mindset

With the decision to get into a drug or alcohol treatment program your mind will begin to work against you.

It is pretty common to get anxiety when embarking on something new, but the addicted mind may take this to a whole new level. Going to rehab means giving up that drug or drink and your mind may build up a wall of things to prevent this from happening. It can be quite helpful to get into the proper mindset from the beginning, so you may be able to take all these things in stride.

One thing you learn in recovery is to “live in the present moment.” Before drug rehab, you can experience a bunch of unwanted anxiety about what is going to happen. The simple answer is not to, although it is not the easy answer. If you can, in these moments of stress, take the time to calm down. Addiction is a disease, a mental malady. Your mind is going to create this anxiety. It is a defense mechanism so that you will continue to use or get drunk. Focus on getting well again. Over time, you will realize that all that anxiety really was not anything.

Hope Is Just A Phone Call Away

2.2 Take it Easy

This may as well be easier said than done.

The decision to get alcohol or drug treatment help is often coupled with extreme stress and high anxiety. However, getting to a more relaxed state of mind can be great preparation for entering treatment. Try to take it easy as much as you can before checking in, avoid drama and fill your days with activities that can prepare you mentally for your journey to addiction recovery. This can include, reading, mild exercise (like walking or a short hike), meditation, or just being outside in the fresh air. You know what is best for you to relax. Try to fill your days with these types of wholesome activities.

2.3 Start a Journal

With a drug or alcohol treatment program, most times there is going to be some writing and journaling involved.

There is something about seeing our thoughts and feelings in print that allows us to think about things a little more deeply. It can be helpful to start your journal before you even get to the rehab facility. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and concerns about going to treatment. This not only helps with getting you in that mindset for treatment, but these words can be a reflection tool later on in your recovery. You can look back and see how far you have been able to come in the process!

The Road To Recovery Starts With You

2.4 Become Familiar with the 12-steps

A good number of drug rehabilitation centers are founded on a recovery-oriented system.

It can be helpful in your preparation to become more familiar with treatment and recovery. If you are admitting to a facility founded on the 12-step program, a good start would be to familiarize yourself with these steps of recovery. They are found in the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is affectionately referred to by those in recovery as “The Big Book.” Cirque Lodge is founded on a 12-step modality. We will help you in any way that we can to assist you in making these life-changing steps towards a clean and sober life. But, before you come to addiction treatment, you can learn more about these steps and how to apply them to your life through the Big Book.

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