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Rehab Guide: Surviving Drug Rehabilitation

It is not always an easy decision to get treatment for alcohol or drug addiction.

However, when family troubles, relationship issues, and employment problems begin to accumulate, it may become the only solution.

Addiction treatment is not a punishment. It is an enriching experience that helps you rebuild and rediscover the benefits of a joyful and productive life without drugs or alcohol. Rehab is not just something to survive – it is a place to thrive. It is an exciting opportunity to overcome addiction, make amends, and begin the rest of your recovery journey.

Recovery from addiction requires an open mind. We ask you to be ready to learn new things,  face challenges, and explore your inner self. Recovery involves giving up old habits and embracing new ones – and these changes can be life-saving. With an open mind, you can accept your addiction and make way for a healthy and sober life.

Our Rehabilitation Guide helps you properly prepare for the alcohol or drug rehab process. It offers advice on how to engage in treatment, so you can fully benefit from your stay. While Cirque Lodge provides the highest levels of care and medical support, recovery also requires commitment and effort from you.

Surviving and Thriving

Surviving and Thriving

Addiction is caused by physical changes in the brain and is out of your control.

It is a chronic disease that produces urges for substances that are difficult or impossible to resist – it is not your fault.

Comfort and Care

We strive to make your rehabilitation experience as comfortable as possible. Our luxury facilities offer various amenities where you can relax during your stay, and our expert culinary team ensures you are served nutritionally balanced meals each day.

Our professional staff is available 24-hours a day to cater to your needs, and we foster an atmosphere of compassion, respect, and dignity.

A Memorable Experience

You will find Cirque Lodge high up in the magnificent Rocky Mountains of Utah. Our experiential therapies offer exciting adventures in the surrounding country, including mountain hikes, 10,000-foot helicopter rides, horse riding, and river rafting. Our rehab center is a place to rediscover your love of life and make positive memories you will never forget.

Spiritual Healing and Personal Growth

Rehabilitation is more than just overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. It is a time for spiritual development and personal growth. At Cirque Lodge, we give you the space and tools you need to explore your inner self and reconnect with your body, mind, and soul.

Our Rehabilitation Guide

Our Rehabilitation Guide

Rehabilitation is a profoundly personal experience.

We all have different experiences of addiction, different life circumstances, and different characters. We respond to treatments in our own individual ways and find some things more challenging than others.

At Cirque Lodge, we adapt our rehabilitation program to suit your needs. You will discover techniques to help you focus on treatment, the best methods to help you relax, and other skills to help you along the way. There are certain things you can do that make the process easier for everyone involved, and the following guide offers advice that can help prepare you for coming to the center for treatment.

Physical Preparations

Physical Preparations

Before you leave for our treatment center, it is helpful to read through our list of things to bring with you and visit your healthcare advisor.

If you can avoid a final binge, that would be good as well. Simple physical preparations can help make the first stages of rehab treatment smoother and more manageable.

Mental and Spiritual Preparations

Mental and Spiritual Preparations

Addiction is a disease that consists of physical changes in the brain, and these changes interact with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and the world around us.

Recovery from addiction involves exploring your thoughts and emotions and reconnecting with your inner self.

At Cirque Lodge, we strive to create a safe and comfortable environment conducive to personal growth. Making a few mental preparations before you leave helps you engage in treatment and benefit fully from your rehab experience.

Dos and Don'ts

Dos and Don'ts

There are certain principles and guidelines about how to think and act that will help you in your recovery journey.

We do not try to cover all of them, but we provide a list of some of the key things you should try to do and things you should aim to avoid.

Transition and Maintenance

Transition and Maintenance

Recovery from addiction is a journey of personal growth and spiritual development.

When you leave rehab, you will find everyday life feels different from before. You may have a new perspective on things, interact with people in different ways, and have different priorities.

While these changes are positive, it can take a bit of time to adjust. There are certain things you can do to make the transition easier. Our guide offers resources and insight into dealing with the transition period and maintaining abstinence in the years to come.

Loving Life Without Addiction

Loving Life Without Addiction

Part of recovering from addiction is learning to have fun without drugs or alcohol.

During active addiction, it can feel like drugs are the only way to experience happiness or pleasure. Effective treatment involves rediscovering passions, reconnecting with your inner self, and finding enjoyment in a sober life that is far greater than an artificial high.

We provide a few suggestions for having fun when sober and finding joy in the world around you.

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