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Sober Fun in The Recovery Process

One thing that can concern those in recovery is how to have fun without drugs or alcohol.

They can have the mindset that without their drug or drink of choice it would be impossible to have any fun. To them, it was the abuse of these substances that was synonymous with fun. This is common in early recovery and is also a reason for relapse, but does not have to be. You can have fun in sobriety. Looking back, you will see that it is ever so much more an experience than the fun you had while high or drunk.

Our alcohol treatment and drug rehab center involves intensive therapy and treatment programs, but it also involves a bunch of therapeutic elements to teach our residents how to have fun in sobriety. There is so much to life that cannot be experienced in pill form or at the bottom of a bottle. You can and will find this as you continue your sobriety and work your program. Find the thing that you want to do with your life, something constructive or something you are interested in, and see how it blesses and changes you.

Tips for Having Fun

Tips for Having Fun

  1. Be Active – Sitting at home is not an effective way to find fun in sobriety. You have to get out and try new things. Physical activities are the most proven positive ways to have fun. Go to a park, the beach, or the mountains. Go biking, fishing, for a walk, or for a nice car ride. You can take up new exercise programs or even learn yoga. This does more than help you be healthy. It provides your body with natural rewards. It helps you with an outlet of stress relief.
  2. A New Hobby – Everyone has interests, things that can really bless their life if they let it. Find something, a hobby that you have interest in and pursue it. You will be amazed how it can change and help you in your life. Take up painting, woodworking, photography, plant a garden, or learn to play a musical instrument. A new hobby that many have found to be helpful to those in recovery involves technology. You may want to use the powers of the internet to support others in recovery. You can do this through social media, by writing in a blog, or maybe even by making your own video clips. Find something and do it.
  3. Participate – When you become involved in alcohol and drug rehab programs and in the rooms of A.A. or N.A., you will find many opportunities to participate in sober activities, reunions and conventions. It can really help you to participate in some of these when you can. You will meet new people to connect with and learn new things about yourself and recovery. At Cirque, we provide alumni with continuing programs to stay connected. This is in addition to the standard forms of aftercare. We have found that this has been a very effective tool. Many return each autumn to participate in our annual reunion and we can see it in faces of those that return. You can be sober and enjoy life.
  4. Service – One of the most endearing parts to the recovery process is the joys you find in helping others. There is a strong sense of accomplishment and reward to extending your hand to others in need of addiction help. The 12th step summarized is just that: once you have found recovery for yourself…help others. By serving others in need you will find these rewards. You will find in this activity that not only is it fun and can bring you happiness, but it will lessen the desire to use drugs or alcohol and can prevent relapse in the future.


Thank you for reading through our rehab survival guide.

After reading through all of this, you can be left wondering if it is even possible. You would be amazed at how it is. People can and are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction every day. More people than ever before are finding ways to walk away from addiction and are making life-changing decisions. It is time for you or your loved one to do this.

Through the help of a drug rehab program, you can find the education, support, therapy, and coping skills needed to maintain and manage addiction. You will discover the programs and the people that can change lives. No one deserves to suffer and ultimately meet their end to the struggles of drugs or alcohol. Make that decision and get help today.

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