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One of the things you must get used to in an alcohol or drug rehab center is the scheduling of the program.

Most treatment environments stick to a schedule in some capacity. Now you may be thinking ‘what do I get out of having to stick to a schedule?’ The answer is actually, quite a lot. When you are struggling with alcohol or drugs, one thing that is thrown out the window is responsibilities and accountability. When you come into a drug rehab program or into alcohol treatment, the facility will work with you in restoring these attributes and this can be found through sticking to the schedule. Goal: Be a part of the programming and schedule and you will see it begin to work in your recovery process.

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“*Sigh* Rules? I have to stick to rules?”

Following the rules is something that everyone struggles with in life and in rehab. When you have a drug or drinking problem, you have been skating by a lot on the rules, so having to live by a new set of rules can be hard for some. One thing that an alcohol or drug rehab facility will expect of you is to follow the rules. One thing that plagues effective treatment is the distractions that come from breaking the rules.

Goal: If you are looking to get better and overcome your addictions, abide by the rules the best you can. You will see that it also impacts your ability to make more important decisions when it comes to life choices and your sobriety.



Studies have shown that it can take a combination of treatments, therapies, and recovery-oriented programming to help individuals with their addictions.

Depending on your program, cognitive therapy can be an involved process. It is all in place to help you. It can involve dealing with things in your life and your past that are not pleasant, but your therapist/counselor is there to help you through it. Therapies in a drug rehab program are also broken up into different types. There are personal sessions, group sessions and some facilities (including Cirque Lodge) that offer family therapies with loved ones.

Goal: Get something out of these sessions. Work on the things that are brought up for you in therapy. Your therapist or counselor has the experience and can help you…Let them.

Getting an Education

Getting an Education

Alcohol and drug rehab treatment is not school, but you will learn quite a lot about the nature and the disease of addiction.

At Cirque Lodge, we involve a number of psychoeducation lectures and workshops in the addiction treatment curriculum. It is provided by members of staff and also respected visiting professionals. Lectures and workshops cover an array of topics. They will teach you quite a lot about your body, mind, and spirit, about addiction and life in recovery.

Goal: Learn what you can and apply it to your life and recovery.

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning

If you are going to an inpatient facility, chances are you will take part in some shape or form of experiential therapy as a part of treatment.

This has different names depending on the place you go, but it involves different physical activities and experiences that help you with building coping skills for recovery. Cirque Lodge stands at the forefront of inpatient facilities that offer experiential learning activities. Here in Utah we use our mountains and plan activities surrounding these magnificent venues.

Goal: Get what you can out of these experiences. They can teach you a number of things and can help you with making spiritual connections in your life.

Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Alcohol and drug rehab treatment can also involve family forms of treatment and therapy.

Family treatments are when your loved ones come to the facility and take part in programming with you. They too need a great deal of help when it comes to behavior and to recovery. Family therapies help to bring this to light and also provide strategies to help with codependency, enabling behaviors and negative situations in the home. Your loved one will learn quite a bit from this family programming and how it can help you in the recovery process.

Goal: Invite and involve your loved ones in this program. It can be pretty difficult talking about some of this stuff in family therapy, but in the long run it needs to be said for you to properly recover.

Recovery (12-step Program)

Recovery (12-step Program)

Addiction treatment facilities founded upon a recovery oriented system will also have things in place to help you with long-term plans for staying clean and sober.

Long term plans will often involve the 12-step program and fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous. Treatment is often seen as the beginning of recovery, support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous can help you with the following steps of the journey. It can also involve going to regular meetings (outside of treatment) and even working with a sponsor.

Goal: Get what you can out of this while in treatment. If you are accustomed to going to meetings and working the steps when treatment completes, you are more likely to keep up with the practice after you leave the care of the facility.

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