Physical and Pre-Admission Preparation for Rehab

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Physical & Pre-Admission Preparation

Physical and Pre-Admission Preparation for Rehab Overview

Avoiding That Last Binge

If possible, we encourage you to avoid that last binge. In some cases this is not possible, but some abstinence prior to admission is helpful for the treatment process. When you come to alcohol or drug rehab, a detoxification process can be required to get you stabilized from your drug or drink of choice. Detox for residents at Cirque Lodge takes place at the Studio or an affiliated facility. This can require extended treatments and a lengthier detox if you are more deeply under the influence of a final binge. Also when you binge, you run the risk of overdose which amplifies the medical problems even further.

The Road To Recovery Starts With You

Taper Off or Cold Turkey

With chemical dependency, you also run the risk of withdrawal when you are not using or drinking. That is why some of us continue to use, because we do not like how sick we get when we are not using. We advise those coming to addiction treatment Do Not do anything that is not normal in regards to your dosing or drinking prior to admission. You should not try to taper off or go cold turkey (no less than you normally do) until you are under the proper care of a physician or detoxification provider.

Seeing Your Doctor (Medical Preparations)

It is also beneficial to visit and consult with your healthcare advisor prior to entering an alcohol or drug rehabilitation center. Your doctor can help you with medication concerns and can even recommend treatment providers and facilities. If you have already made the decision to enter a drug or alcohol treatment program, you can see your doctor about receiving a physical examination that is often required for residential treatment.

In preparing medically for rehab at Cirque Lodge, we ask that you take some time and fill out our Pre-admission Intake Assessment Form online. This form explains in more detail your medical and medication history, and also your need for treatment for addiction. We use the confidential information you provide us with this assessment to develop a personalized treatment approach tailored just to meet your needs when you come to our facility.

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Packing (What do I need?)

Do not get too stressed out about what you need to bring. Typically we recommend just a week’s worth of clothing (Appropriate for the season), comfortable shoes, and a few other things that you need. Cirque Lodge provides a number of items for you while you stay with us and any little odds or ends can be purchased for you at a local store. We ask that you look over our checklist of things to bring. It also lists the things you should avoid while packing for rehab.

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