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Salt Lake City, Utah – Local Recovery Information

Local Recovery Information

For those in Salt Lake City suffering and struggling with alcoholism or drug addiction, there is help and hope in a treatment program.

The Local Recovery Information section of this site was created to help you with links, resources and contact numbers for local public drug treatment services and 12-step recovery meetings in the Salt Lake County area. Utah is also the home of Cirque Lodge drug & alcohol rehab center in Orem & Sundance Utah. It is considered one of the nation’s leading inpatient facilities. You can learn more about drug rehabilitation at Cirque Lodge by calling 1-800-582-0709. It is our hope that you find help through an addiction treatment program for yourself or for a loved one.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration monitors a number of trends in both substance abuse and the treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. A recent report in 2013 stated that an estimate of 13,878 individuals from the area received treatment for alcoholism or drugs. 67% of admissions were for males (Substance Abuse Treatment Admissions). It can be up to a loved one to get proper help for someone struggling with addiction before they get into legal troubles. Also according to this report, there are 53 outpatient programs located in Salt Lake County and 24 treatment facilities that are classified as residential. Programs are available for those that struggle.

Salt Lake City Services

Salt Lake City Services

Utah, like 23 other states administrates substance abuse treatment and services on a county level.

The Salt Lake County Department of Behavioral Health Services oversees and administrates the efforts of public substance abuse programs in the valley. While the department does not offer treatment and programs specifically, they are contracted with several agencies and addiction treatment programs that can provide help. Contracts allow individuals to receive care on their level and ability to pay. The County Behavioral Health Services Department does offer assessments and referrals to these services. They can be contacted at 801-468-2009. The Department is located at the Government Center at 2001 S. State Street, South Building, Office #2300, Salt Lake City UT, 84190.

Services and assessments can also be found through the 2-1-1 Hotline in Salt Lake County. The 2-1-1 hotline is a non-profit public service. It offers information and referral to a number of human services including alcohol and substance abuse programs and rehabs around Salt Lake City. For those in need of immediate help for alcohol or drug abuse, the Volunteers of America Alcohol/Drug Detox Center is contracted to offer a bed and services. It is open 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week and services are provided upon a sliding fee scale to help a large dynamic of individuals. The detox center can be contacted at 801-363-9400.

Salt Lake City 12-Step Meetings

Salt Lake City 12-Step Meetings

Recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction can take time.

Having proper support for this can be an integral part of long-term sustained sobriety. Involvement in a 12-step community can provide a place for support and continual help towards recovery. Many SLC drug & alcohol rehab centers will involve participation in programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous offers a community of alcoholics that share experience, strength hope in an effort to carry forth the efforts of sobriety. Most major cities are served and coordinated through an intergroup or a central office of Alcoholics Anonymous. The Central Office is located at 80 W. Louise (2860 S.) Salt Lake City, UT 84115 with weekly office hours of 9:30 am-5:30 pm. You can also contact them at (801) 484-7871. The Alcoholics Anonymous website can help you with a schedule of meetings in the valley.

Narcotics Anonymous provides a place for fellowship and support for the many different types and struggles of drug addiction. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop using drugs. The United Wasatch Area of Narcotics Anonymous (UWANA) serves the Salt Lake Valley and Tooele. They can be contacted at their service number at (801) 252-5326. The UWANA service website offers information and resources on upcoming events and activities going on in the valley. You can also find a breakdown of local Narcotics Anonymous Meetings.

 Cirque Lodge Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Cirque Lodge Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center

Just south in Utah County, there is a facility that is considered a leading drug & alcohol rehab center.

Cirque Lodge is a private and exclusive addiction treatment facility where individuals and families can find answers and care for their struggles. We have two premier facilities for those seeking the very best in residential addiction care. Our very private “Lodge” is nestled in the mountains of Sundance Utah. The “Studio” (formerly Osmond Studios) is located in Orem Utah at the mouth of Provo Canyon. Treatment is based upon the 12-step modality. It is personalized to meet the needs of the individual. It involves a family program of treatment, activities, and workshops for families. All of this is combined with the efforts of our spiritually founded experiential program.

We also provide a number of alumni programs and privileges. Alumni who are close enough can continue to participate in weekly aftercare meetings and other locally hosted workshops and activities. Our alumni can also take advantage of the Guesting Privilege. Guesting allows the alumni to return to the facility for 3-4 days and receive care when needed. This is ideal for refocusing efforts on sobriety and getting centered on recovery. It is a lifetime privilege for any alumni who have remained sober.

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