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UTAH – Drug Rehab Local Recovery Information

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The State of Utah offers a number of different drug rehab treatment and recovery services to those struggling with addiction.

By getting proper treatment for chemical dependency one can find answers for their struggles. Every day individuals recover from this malady.

Both public and private programs are located and offered throughout the State of Utah. This page is to make it easier to find such local recovery information. One such respected facility in the addiction treatment and recovery community is our facility, Cirque Lodge. If you are dealing with alcoholism or drug addiction with yourself or a loved one, a call to us at 1-800-582-0709 can provide you information on treatment programs here in Utah.

Utah Programs for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Utah Programs for Substance Abuse and Mental Health

A Utah State Agency has been designated to provide services for those struggling with substance abuse and mental health problems.

This comes through the department of human services and a number of public programs are offered for those dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction, or prescription drug abuse. The purpose of the department is to instill hope and recovery for those dealing with such conditions. This comes through ensuring that prevention and treatment measures are in place and available throughout the State of Utah. You can learn more about these services through the substance abuse and mental health website.

Substance abuse treatment and drug rehab programs are available throughout the state. The State of Utah contracts with the local county governments ‘Local Substance Abuse Authorities’. These authorities are responsible for providing services and treatment for those who are struggling with addictions. Such programs are not available in every community, but there are resources and help available to assist in finding a proper treatment measure for the individual. Clients are assessed personally to determine what would be the best course of action for rehabilitation services.

Utah offers a balance of substance abuse treatment services. Outpatient treatments come in many varieties with state programs. Such treatment offers programs one day a week, our two-day treatments that offer a four-hour treatment each day. There are also residential drug rehab programs available for those who require more intensive treatment from addiction professionals. This then transitions into an outpatient style of program. These services are provided on a sliding fee scale to accommodate personal means. Inability to pay will not be a barrier to treatment.

12-Step Recovery in Utah

12-Step Recovery in Utah

12-step meetings are available throughout the state of Utah and available to both individuals and families dealing with overcoming addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous is the well-known and founding 12-step recovery program. Meetings are offered each and every day in local communities throughout Utah and can be a means of strength for the recovery process. Information on Utah Area Alcoholics Anonymous can be found on their website. For those dealing with drug addiction, Narcotics Anonymous is a means of support and recovery. The Utah Region of Narcotics Anonymous website provides information about local meetings and also links to regional meetings throughout the state.

Family is an important aspect of Utah’s culture and family members can also struggle through the behaviors and problems that stem from a loved one’s alcohol or drug addiction. Al-Anon and Alateen provide adults and youth a recovery program for such struggles. Through this program, those dealing with addicted loved ones can find the tools needed to help themselves. These efforts can also influence the loved one who is dealing with alcohol or drug abuse. The Utah Area Al-Anon/Alateen website offers information about the local recovery effort and a list of meetings for the families of alcoholics and addicts.

Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Program

Cirque Lodge Drug Rehab Program

For those seeking a private and exclusive alcohol or drug rehab facility in Utah, the choice is Cirque Lodge.

We are a nationally recognized and well-respected addiction treatment provider in the mountains of Sundance Utah. A sister facility is located locally at the old Osmond Studio in Orem. We are committed to providing the very best in a well-rounded and effective treatment balance for the disease of addiction. The finest in licensed addiction treatment professionals are offered within the safety of a private and luxury facility.

This attention to care continues with programs and Alumni services after the completion of addiction treatment. Those who remain local to our facility can continue to attend aftercare meetings and services regularly. Clients are also provided with privileges to return for family treatment programs, as well as guest services when needed. A number of local community recovery and 12-step meetings are also hosted at the Studio facility in Orem.

Recovery is Possible

Recovery is Possible

Many who struggle with alcoholism or drug addiction find a means to overcoming the struggles of substance abuse.

This begins with the efforts of alcohol rehab, drug rehab, and recovery types of programs. For those in Utah who are dealing with addiction or drinking problems, we encourage you to get help. There are services, facilities, and programs to help you or your loved one. It all begins with making a call for help. Such a call can be a life-saving measure.

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Recovery Is Possible


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