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Sadly, many of life’s events can lead to individuals experiencing trauma in some form.

Trauma can involve a number of things including actual or threatened events that affect a person’s safety or life, events experienced or witnessed that can have an impact (Terrorist attacks, natural disasters, military service, etc.), having been personally abused or witnessed abuse (physical, mental, sexual), or have experienced a death of a loved one (grief). People dealing with traumatic experiences, such as emotional and psychological trauma, will turn to anything for a reprieve from their feelings, and for many of us, this is drugs and/or alcohol.

When dealing with trauma and substance abuse, the risk factor and existence of co-occurring mental health or mood disorders, like a form of depression, anxiety, and even Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) can be present. Studies also indicate that individuals already dealing with substance abuse and chemical dependence experience more traumatic events than non-users.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration strongly recommends drug treatment programs bring to light trauma in treating mental health and substance use disorders.

Treating Trauma and Substance Abuse

Treating Trauma and Substance Abuse

With Cirque Lodge you have an addiction treatment facility that is trained and sensitive to the needs of the individual struggling with drugs, alcohol, and co-occurring disorders; especially those with trauma.

We have gone to great lengths to create the right environment for your rehabilitation from alcohol and other drugs. Comfort in drug or alcohol treatment reduces stress but more importantly, it reduces distraction. We want our clients focused on the task at hand.

Trauma treatment rests on the shoulders of our experienced and sophisticated clinical team, which is made up of Master’s level therapists that work individually with our residents. Due to the sensitive nature of some traumatic experiences, the approach to therapy is personal and private. With the supportive environment of substance abuse treatment, residents can come to terms with their substance problems and find answers for their more deeply rooted underlying struggles. All of this is carried out within a professional, compassionate, and healing environment.

Other mental health concerns may also require treatment during an alcohol or drug rehab stay. Our program is proficient at treating co-occurring disorders or dual diagnosis, and in fact, we have a reputation for being able to handle complex cases. Residents meet with the facility’s psychiatric and medical professionals to diagnose the existence of any co-occurring mental health disorder.

Our treatment team is sensitive to addressing substance abuse, and co-occurring mental health problems in a concurrent fashion.

Supportive Environment for Trauma Recovery

Supportive Environment for Trauma Recovery

We believe there is no better place to find healing and recovery for trauma in conjunction with your alcoholism and drug addiction problem.

The Cirque Lodge, located in the beautifully serene mountain setting of Sundance, Utah is a safe haven for you and your loved ones. We are dedicated to providing the finest in drug rehab care. A comfortable environment, effective addiction treatment modalities, and an educated and experienced staff meet your every need.

Addiction is a disease of isolation as is dealing with traumatic experiences of your life. We want you to understand that there is a drug rehab facility for you and individuals who can help. Many of us have been through similar circumstances and have found answers and recovery.

Cirque Lodge is dedicated to providing a compassionate, caring setting for the clients in our care. The underlying conditions behind alcoholism and drug addiction can and do require special attention during treatment. We all have our baggage to carry, but for the individual dealing with trauma, this baggage can be more than they can lift and often leads to substance abuse or chemical dependency.

Within the safe environs of our alcohol and drug rehab facility, educated, sophisticated, experienced counselors provide strategies and solutions for dealing with our trauma. In most cases, it is the trauma that needs to be addressed before the substance abuse can be put in remission.

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